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The archive: past auctions of tokens and medals

It’s always useful to be able to find past catalogues and prices realised so here’s a round up of what we’ve done as Simmons Gallery since September 2020, with links to text catalogues and prices realised. We’ll try in the future to post prices realised here in the blog in the future with a comment on the sale.

The catalogue for the tokens, medals and coin weights are as follows – click on the underlined links for the text or prices realised – they’ll show golden:

MB94 Tokens 30 September 2020 Welsh tokens and Emyr’s Shropshire Tavern Tokens, early Welsh mining, tickets and passes, Welsh Mining lamp checks A-C (Cribbwr Fawr), Cumbrian mining, military, telephone, Countermarked pub checks. Welsh pub check from Brecknockshire (Abercrave) to Glamorgan Cardiff (Bute Arms). Welsh social & political clubs, refreshments, brewing and sundry others. Corrections. Prices realised

MB95 Medals 26 November including Emyr George’s Welsh medals, as well as the usual mixture of contemporary and historical medals from other consignors. Prices realised

MB96 Token 15 December 2020 Cumbria and Scotland early mining, Welsh trade union tokens, mining checks C-H, Pub checks England and Wales, Abington to Gornal Woods, Glamorgan Cardiff Bute Castle to Neath Wyndham Arms. Other properties English, Scottish and world tokens tickets and passes. Prices realised

MB97 Tokens 17 March 2021 The Ronnie Breingan collection of Transport tokens, tickets and checks from Scotland and other places. Welsh mining checks H-P, Welsh pub checks Glamorgan Nelson to Swansea plus unattributed checks. Books and catalogues from Emyr George’s library. Prices realised

MB98 Medals 26 May Early BAMS issues from the collection of Peter Bagwell Purefoy, other consignments historical and modern, including 19th century cast medals from France Prices realised

MB99 Tokens, Tickets and Passes. 14 July 2021. Welsh, English and Scottish mining, colliery, pub checks and union badges from the collection of Emyr George (continuation). Other properties: collection of metal Theatre tickets, passes and tokens from 18th century onwards. Token coinage from 17th century onwards plus miscellany of tokens tickets and passes. Prices realised

MB100 Tokens Tickets and Passes, 6 October 2021 Our centenary auction comprising two consignments. The first part is a collection of 17th century tokens of London, the City of London, Southwark, Middlesex and Surrey. The second consignment is the final part of Emyr George’s Welsh collection: mining, colliery, pub checks, club checks plus miscellaneous tokens from other parts of the British Isles and a very few tokens from Canada and New Zealand. Prices realised

MB101 Medals 27 January 2022 early engraved school medals, prize medals, engraved ‘love tokens’ coins, medals on theme of music and composers, European cast bronze plaques, BAMS and Monnaie de Paris medals, royal commemoratives, British and world historical and modern medals. Prices realised

MB102 Tokens coin weights, scales and balances 5 April 2022 A collection of British unofficial farthings, miscellaneous tokens (pubs, mines, work places, refreshment, value stated) plus a collection of London Tennis court key fob passes and a collection of Barber’s checks. Also collections of British and foreign coin weights plus folding balances and scales, and rocker balances. Prices realised

MB103 Numismatic books from the library of Andrew T Macmillan 17 May 2022 A specialist collection of books mainly to do with Scottish numismatics and banking. Of particular interest are his books on church communion tokens and the history of the Protestant church in Scotland. Prices realised