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Selling a collection

There are several options open to anyone selling a numismatic collection.  Simmons Gallery can give advice on the various methods; 

  • direct sale for cash (see next section)
  • through our specialist auctions
  • cataloguing for sale through other specialist auctions
  • by private treaty sale

Simmons Gallery is always interested in buying coins and other numismatic material for collectors. We have expertise and buy across the general field of numismatics – British and foreign coins, tokens and medals, oddments and accumulations as well as specialist collections.  Our focus in metrology is coin-related, so we like coin and trade weights, rockers and balances for coins.

How to sell your collection

In the first instance, contact us with a brief description of what you have. We can only make a conditional offer based on such a description but we can usually judge whether it’s worthwhile sending the goods to us for a firm offer. The company has been trading since 1982 and we are members of the British Numismatic Trade Association.

Then, if you are UK resident, send items to us by registered mail at the gallery post office address: Simmons Gallery, PO Box 104, Leytonstone, London E11 1ND, UK.  If you are overseas, please, before you ship, contact us for advice on special shipping arrangements. 

Our normal way of business is to make a firm offer only when we have the goods in front of us, so that we can grade properly. We then send you our cheque with our offer.  If you decide to accept this, simply cash our cheque (in GB pounds sterling or US dollars). If however you decide not to accept the offer, you may return the cheque within 7 days (UK) or 14 days (overseas) and we’ll return your goods.

Alternatively we may advise you to consign to one of our postal auctions where appropriate.


Medals aren’t just for athletes and soldiers, but can be given for all sorts of reasons, as a reward, a keepsake or symbol of a special relationship. They have many forms and uses, from promotional advertising to a very personal gift or commemorative.

As coin and medal dealers Howard and Frances Simmons have a vital historical perspective, but their links with contemporary artists enable them to advise objectively on the somewhat difficult process of commissioning a new medal. 

Valuations and Cataloguing

We provide valuations for probate and insurance.  We also catalogue collections for sale by auction, whether our own or another specialist auction house whether in UK or internationally.  We charge according to the time spent out of the office and the complexity of the collection, plus travel expenses.

Building Collections

We’re collectors at heart and that informs the way we deal, still enthusiastic after all these years.   Since we started in 1982, we’ve sold to many stellar collections, whether institutional or private, and some of our customers have been with us right from the beginning.  We’ve also put together exhibits for permanent display and handling collections for institutional customers, illustrating the history of money.