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CA100JAPAN Ichi Bu Gin Ansei period (1859-68) silver coin ingot KM C16a£32.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscoin ingot japan
CA101JAPAN silver 1 Yen Meiji 28 (1895) KM 25.3 crown size coin£75.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscoin crown-size japan meiji
CA1011Korea 1 Fun brass coin year 504 2 characters KM 1105£25.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscoin korea
CA102JAPAN silver coin 1 Yen Meiji 3 (1870) gold plated and mounted as a broach - missing pin£75.00
coins fixed-price world-coinsbrooch coin coin-jewellery crown-size japan meiji
CA103JAPAN silver 10 Sen coin Meiji 3 (1870) variety shallow scales on dragon KM Y2£55.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscoin dragon japan meiji
CA104China, Hupeh Province, copper 1 cash coin, 1906, KM Y-121£45.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscash china milled
CA105China, Provincial SZECHUAN PROVINCE 100 Cash coin Y# 450 year 2 Sichuen large size£15.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscash china milled
CA106China Kwangtung Province 10 cash coin KM 193£10.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscash china milled
CA108China Republic Warlord issue cast 20 cash 1919 brass£25.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscash cast china republic
CA109Japan Akita 100 Mon cast copper coin Wave design KM 4£65.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscast coin japan
CA110Korea 1 Fun coin year 504 3 characters KM 1104£22.00
coins fixed-price world-coins19th-century coin korea
CA112Korea Medieval cash coin Hae Dong Tong Bao 1097-1105AD green patina£45.00
coins fixed-price medieval-coins-feodal world-coinscash coin korea
CA113English coin weight for Angel coin St. Michael killing dragon Withers 237£25.00
british-coin-weights fixed-price weightscoin-weight dragon english st-michael
CA114French brass coin weight to weigh Italian Pistole£18.00
fixed-price foreign-coin-weights-poids-gewicht weightscoin-weight france gewichte italy pesi poids
CA115England Bullion Weight Day & Co 3 Pennyweights brass£15.00
bullion-weight fixed-price weights19th-century bullion-weight english
CA116Medieval bronze coin weight to test France gold Ecu au Soleil£15.00
fixed-price foreign-coin-weights-poids-gewicht weightscoin-weight france medieval poids-monetaire
CA117Nepal Token 16 paisa token coin brass KM 999£70.00
coins fixed-price world-coins world-tokens-checks tokensnepal token
CA118Augustus Cove token early 19th century political diatribe against Grand Junction Canal Company 1812 London high grade£85.00
19th-century-copper-token-coinage fixed-price tickets-passes tokens world-tokens-checks19th-century advert political token
CA119Nepal Token 14 paisa iron coin undated KM 998£40.00
coins fixed-price world-coins world-tokens-checks tokensiron nepal token
CA120France Feudal William IV count of Toulouse 1060-88AD silver denier£100.00
coins european-coins fixed-price medieval-coins-feodalcoin france medieval
CA121France Medieval Jeton Dolphin type attractive patina£20.00
early-tokens-jetons europe-token-jeton-gettone fixed-price tokenscounter france jeton medieval token
CA122France Jeton castle type Medieval 15th century after Gros Tournois£25.00
early-tokens-jetons europe-token-jeton-gettone fixed-price tokens world-coins coinsfrance jeton medieval
CA123Egypt base silver Qirsh 1223 year 23 KM 181 Misr mint£50.00
coins fixed-price world-coinscoin egypt ottoman
CA124Victorian enamelled coin 2/- florin 1888 Jubilee head pin back brooch£135.00
british-coins coin-jewellery coins fixed-pricecoin coin-jewellery florin victoria
CA125India Alipore Mint (New Calcutta Mint) 25NP Cash Token£35.00
fixed-price tokens world-tokens-checksindia mint token
CA126India Assam Tea Garden Patrakola Estate in Sylhet token Pridmore 96£70.00
fixed-price tokens world-tokens-checksindia tea token
CA43Netherlands silver 5c coins 1850 made into circular flower design brooch£25.00
coin-jewellery coins featured-items fixed-pricecoin-jewellery europe netherlands
CA44Netherlands 5c coin brooch jewellery 1850£25.00
coins fixed-pricebrooch coin-jewellery europe
CA45Burma Myanmar ½ rupee silver gilt enamelled peacock brooch£195.00
coin-jewellery coins featured-items fixed-priceburma coin-jewellery enamel
MA160France bronze cast plaque medal portrait of novelist Balzac by David d'Angers 1843£525.00
europe-medals-medailles fixed-price medalsfrance medaille plaque
MA161France 1937 Paris Exposition Internationale bronze medal Art Deco£95.00
europe-medals-medailles fixed-price medalsart-deco corsica exhibition france medaille
MA162Pensive cherub pendant medal after Raphael by Dasset c.1900£100.00
europe-medals-medailles fixed-price medalscherub france jewellery medal pendant
MA163France Union Syndicale des Industries Aerospatiales bronze medal 50th anniversary 1958£35.00
europe-medals-medailles fixed-price medalsaerospace aviation france
MA164Prize medal awarded to the Marquis of Tavistock by the Avicultural Society£40.00
british-historical-commemorative-medals fixed-price medalsbirds bronze prize-medal
MB165France bronze medal honouring Dr Jacques Ramadier 1948 by Henri Dropsy£60.00
europe-medals-medailles fixed-price medalsdropsy france medicine
MB166France silver medal by Roty for opening of railway from Paris to Mediterranean£135.00
europe-medals-medailles fixed-price medalsart-nouveau chemin-de-fer france railway
TA147Bath pub token The Wheat Sheaf Broad Street£24.00
fixed-price pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens22mm brass pub token
WA101Early Victorian Rocker Balance brass Sovereign Scale signed WS£42.00
fixed-price weighing-scales-balances weightscoin-weight rocker-balance scale sovereign