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B001Directory for Cardiff & Newport Percy, Butcher & Co. 1873-4 £62.50
B002South Wales Directory Newport Chepstow & Welch Towns (1848) Hunt & Co £50.00
B003Bulmer's History & Directory of Cumberland 1901 £40.00
B004Directory Cardiff & Swansea Butcher & Co. 1875-6, 2 bound together £50.00
B005Directory & Topography Gloucestershire Monmouthshire North & South Wales - Slaters 1858-9 £60.00
B006Directory Herefordshire & Monmouthshire - Slaters 1851 £25.00
B007Directory North & South Wales - Slaters 1851 £25.00
B008Directory Banks + Insurance & business cards - Slaters 1851 £15.00
B009North and South Wales Directory Shropshire Monmouth Chester & Wales - Slaters 1880 £33.00
B010Directory Swansea & District - 1900 South Wales Daily Post £25.00
B012Porter's Directory for County of Salop - Shropshire 1888 - rare £50.00
B013Directory Yorkshire - Wakefield &c. - White's 1887 £30.00
B014Directory - Northern Counties of England Trades Directory 1933-4 - Trades Directories Limited £17.50
B015Kelly's Directory - Monmouthshire & South Wales 1906 £5.00
B016Directory - Northern Counties of England Trades Directory 1893 - Bennett's £30.00
B017Kelly's Trade Directory for Monmouthshire & South Wales 1891 £30.00
B018Directory - Leeds Bradford 1853 White's - 1969 David & Charles reprint £13.00
B019Kelly's Directory - Warwickshire 1928 £33.00
B020Directory - Shropshire - Kelly's 1905, useful for research £25.00
B021Kelly's Directory - Channel Islands 1935 £30.00
B022Kelly's Post Office Directory London 1882 used £25.00
CA1011Korea 1 Fun brass coin year 504 2 characters KM 1105£25.00
CA102JAPAN silver coin 1 Yen Meiji 3 (1870) gold plated and mounted as a broach - missing pin£75.00
CA117Nepal Token 16 paisa token coin brass KM 999£70.00
CA119Nepal Token 14 paisa iron coin undated KM 998£40.00
CA123Egypt base silver Qirsh 1223 year 23 KM 181 Misr mint£50.00
CA126India Assam Tea Garden Patrakola Estate in Sylhet token Pridmore 96£70.00
CA138Japan silver coin 10 Sen Meiji 24 KM23 1891£30.00
CA139British Victorian Halfpenny reverse smoothed & engraved with coronet (type worn by a Count)£30.00
CA142Japan 5 Sen Meiji 10 KM22 silver coin£100.00
CA151Jamaica countermark Key on Santo Domingo 4 Maravedis 16th century£25.00
CA152Libya Tripoli copper Para Mahmud II 1223 KM 81£12.00
CA154Thailand Brass 1/2 Fuang coin Thin flan KM 4a£18.00
CA158Rome Republic coin Bronze Anonymous Semuncia, 217-15BC. Head of Mercury wearing petasos hat / galley prow ROMA£25.00
CA168China Republic Szechuan Sichuan 200 cash cut in half to make 100 cash£28.00
CA173Ancient China Bronze Coin Ban Liang Han Dynasty 175-119BC£6.00
CA181Ancient Greece, Cilicia, Tarsos, 3/4 obol Baal seated rev foreparts of wolf silver coin£25.00
CA182Ancient Greece, Mysia, Kyzikos 1/4 obol Tunny fish reverse 4 part incuse, silver coin 0.18g£15.00
CA186Ancient Greece, Mysia, Plakia Bronze coin - Kybele head rev. bull£20.00
CA187Ancient Greece, Mysia, Pergamon silver Diobol coin with Hercules reverse cult statue of Athena£32.00
CA188Ancient Rome silver denarius coin Emperor Domitian as Augustus with eagle reverse AD82-83£30.00
CA189Ancient bronze coin Roman Provincial Germanicus and Augustus 17mm. 4.03g. in Greek£50.00
CA193Ancient Spain bronze coin Hispania Citerior Castulo 201-154BC Sphinx£18.00
CA194Ancient Roman silver denarius coin of Hadrian with Salus Aug reverse£38.00
CA197Ancient Roman bronze AE2 coin of Arcadius, reverse Gloria Romanorum 4th century£20.00
CA198French Colonies 5 Centimes KM# 12 1843A Louis Philippe portrait£32.00
CA203China. Wu Shu coin, Hartill 10.3 - four corners reverse Han£18.00
CA204China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.440 year 4 (1198AD)£30.00
CA205China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Guangzong - Shao Xi Yuan bao AD 1190-94 Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.342 year 2 (1191AD)£18.00
CA206China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron cash.£18.00
CA211CHINA, XINJIANG, Xian Feng Zhong Bao, 1851-61,10 cash, H22.1105, Urumqi mint£24.00
CA213China Kuangtung 20 cent year 10 Guangdong 1921 silver coin£10.00
CA215Ancient India Taxila copper unit lion / elephant c. 150BC£28.00
CA216Ethiopia Harar brass coin Mahallak 128(4) KM 94 Sultan Muhammad bin Ali£15.00
CA217China Xinjiang Ushi mint copper cash Qian Long Hartill 22.433£18.00
CA218China Ming Dynasty Chong Zhen Tong Bao brass cash Hartill 20.293£8.00
CA219USA coin 3 cents Cupro-Nickel 1873 gVF£22.00
CA220Roman coin Gallienus Antoninianus rev. IOVI CONS AVG goat£15.00
ca222Thaler St Lutger 16th century Delmonte 785 - Netherlands unattributed£65.00
ca224India Edward VII 1910 Bombay Mint 1/2 Rupee silver£60.00
ca225East India Company 1835 Quarter Anna coin Copper Madras Mint£20.00
ca226Roman Denarius Trajan 98-117AD silver coin, toned, reverse: Genius£55.00
ca227Roman Denarius Vespasian 69-79AD silver coin with Annonia grain goddess£35.00
ca228Roman Denarius silver coin Septimus Severus 193-211AD Parthian captives£55.00
ca229France Feudal hammered coin LANGUEDOC Count of Toulouse William IV Denier£120.00
ca230Turkey 20 Para coin 1327H Year 4 Nickel KM 761 - officially cancelled£25.00
CA231Ancient Greece, Sicily, Syracuse, Bronze coin from time of Pyrrhos£65.00
CA232Ancient India Kushan bronze coin Vima Kadphises£16.00
CA233India-Princely States KUTCH 5 Kori Y# 53a 1935 VS1991 silver coin£24.00
CA234India-Princely States KUTCH 2-1/2 Kori 1937 VS1993 Y# 74£18.00
CA235Egypt silver 5 Qirsh 1277 year 4 KM 253.1£70.00
CA236HUNGARY Bela III AD 1172-1196.  AE. Follaro Pseudo Kufic£35.00
CA43Netherlands silver 5c coins 1850 made into circular flower design brooch£25.00
CA44Netherlands 5c coin brooch jewellery 1850£25.00
CA45Burma Myanmar ½ rupee silver gilt enamelled peacock brooch£195.00
MA-101Namibia South West Africa 75th anniversary of Swakopmund 1892-1967 silver medal£30.00
MA105South West Africa Namibia Keestmanshoop Masonic lodge badge Caledonia No 1307£20.00
MA109William Dunnett Spanton Surgeon Medical memorial medal by A Fenwick Aluminium£45.00
MA110Italy Fiera Di Milan silver Gilt medal c. 1930 Fasces Agricultural exhibition£30.00
MA113Germany Bismack 80th Birthday silver medal by Gesch 1895 35mm.£35.00
MA1151937 George VI Coronation medal commemorating the opening of National Maritime Museum, Queen's House£40.00
MA116Italy Reunification 1860 Military Medal - Victor Emanuel II silver by D Canzani£85.00
MA117Transvaal Rifle Association South Africa bronze Prize medal£20.00
MA131Camberwell Carnival Victory Week School Sports prize WW1 bronze medal London£9.00
MA133Bronze Medal commemorating the death of the Duke of Wellington 23mm.£30.00
MA141France the two Napoleons: Napoleon & Napoleon III small portrait medal£10.00
MA144West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBv 12-J£65.00
MA145West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBv 16-M small size£65.00
MA146West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBv 25-U£125.00
MA147West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBv 26-V holed£125.00
MA149West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBv 50-YY small size£30.00
MA150West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon & Don Blas Adams PBvI 2-B£60.00
MA152West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBvi 18-BB£25.00
MA155West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBvi 23-MM£35.00
MA1561-1Contemporary Forgery of Spain 2 Reales 1719 Segovia£45.00
MA1561-2Tobago stampee struck over crowned C - West Indies 2 island countermarks£120.00
MA158West Indies Cartagena medal 1741 Admiral Vernon Adams CAv 2-B Full Gold plating on bronze£600.00
MA160France bronze cast plaque medal portrait of novelist Balzac by David d'Angers 1843£525.00
MA164Prize medal awarded to the Marquis of Tavistock by the Avicultural Society£40.00
MA165Poland 1917 Zinc medal Tadeusz Kosciuszko 1746-1817 centenary of patriot by Wyzocki£90.00
MA168Royal Humane Society Large size 2nd type Bronze Successful Not awarded£150.00
MA169Scotland Incorporation of Baxters Edinburgh - one of The Traders of Edinburgh medal badge Baker£150.00
MA170Scotland Incorporation of Barbers (Glasgow)- silver school prize medal 1872-3 to Mary B Angell engraved£160.00
MA171Derbyshire medal made from Matlock Lead - Duchy of Lancaster 1852-1952 Barmote Courts Wirksworth£60.00
MA172Art Nouveau silver medal by F Chabaud "Industrie" - La Chambre Syndicale De La Carrosserie£135.00
MA174Art Deco Jean Mermoz aviator portrait bronze medal by Georges Guiraud 1933£140.00
MA177France Visit of Francis I of Austria to Monnaie de Paris 1814 bronze medal£65.00
MA178GB 1904 Edward VII royal visit to Nottingham commemorative gilt medal£8.00
MA180Liverpool Free Gospel Sunday School 1879 pewter medal£22.00
MA181Art Nouveau silver medal "PATRIA" by Hippolyte Lefebvre pre WW1£40.00
MA182France Art Nouveau shooting plaque medal by J.E. Roine given by General Libermann£70.00
MA183France, Le Secours, Insurance Company Jeton medal silver£50.00
MA184France/England Le Metal medal 1906 bronze plaque medal visit of London Council to Paris£40.00
MA185Société Canine du Midi bronze plaque medal France dog prize£40.00
MA186France, Art Nouveau bronze medal Society of Science of Lille by Hippolyte Lefebvre£30.00
MA187Art Deco bronze medal France Exposition Coloniale Paris 1931 Lafayette£35.00
MA188France 1849 2nd Republic Revolutionary Paris series dogs racing medal or pass£40.00
MA190Washington - Lafayette medal - Journee a Paris 1917 by Gaston Lavrillier£12.00
MA192Netherlands Birth of Juliana 1909 - Wilhelmina & Hendrik Gilt brass souvenir medal£18.00
MA193France commemorative medal for the death of Louis XVI 1793 by Mainwaring an English medallist£30.00
MA196France shell-card medal for a carnival strength machine c. 1900£25.00
MA1971831 opening of London Bridge brass counter medal£16.00
MA1991827 Death of Duke of York medal tokens brass£15.00
MA200France Louis XV Army Jeton made by C Lauer circa 1690£12.00
MA2011924 British Empire Exhibition souvenir medal industrial emblems£7.00
MA207Medal for Belfast Opening of Northern Ireland Parliament 1932 by Edward Prince of Wales£25.00
MA209Olympic Games London 1908 Participation medal in Pewter by Bertram Mackennal£320.00
MA210Cast bronze portrait medal of John Lemoinne by Juliette Dubufe France 19th c.£300.00
MA211A.U. LOYAL ORDER OF ANCIENT SHEPHERDS pewter medal c. 1850£60.00
MA212Warwickshire Agricultural Society Pewter prize medal £35.00
MA213Balfour declaration 1917-67 50th anniversary commemorative bronze medal by Vincze£25.00
ma214North's Type Writer Advertising - Dessau's Calendar medal 1895 made by R E Daish of Edinburgh£38.00
ma215Massachusetts Protective Association fob pass token USA Masonic connected£12.00
ma217France CHARLES IX medal 1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre bronze 36mm Restrike£70.00
ma218George V coronation silver medal by F Bowcher 1911£50.00
ma219Essex Romford Golf Club Monthly Medal silver c.1902£65.00
ma220Aluminium Medal Foyers 1896 St. Andrew Scotland, Gaelic inscription£20.00
ma221Aluminium Medal Switzerland Rheinfall Hydro electric production Neuhasen£28.00
ma2221937 Coronation aluminium medal advertising Theatre Show "Farewell Again" at the Plaza London£18.00
ma223Scotland Airdrie Savings Bank centenary enamelled medal 1835-1935£18.00
ma224Scotland Leith War Savings Committee medal pewter 1919£20.00
ma226Coronation of William IV and Adelaide medal by Ingram 1830£35.00
MA227USA Amelia Earhart bronze commemorative medal City of Philadelphia 1932 - aviation pioneer£18.00
MA228Strand School 1931 silver sports medal£24.00
MA229The Lucas Tooth Boys Training Fund prize medal for efficiency bronze circa 1913-20's£16.00
MA2301931 Bradford Yorkshire Pageant commemorative medal sheep, loom and church£14.00
MA2311200 years Ellwangen 764-1964 Baden-Württemberg Germany silver medal£20.00
MA233George V and Mary Coronation medal 1911 by J Carter£26.00
MA234University College London bronze prize medal for Metallurgy Siemens 1882£80.00
MA235University of London Athletic Union 1923 prize medal bronze£15.00
MA237650th Anniversary of Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths 1977 bronze medal£16.00
MA2401814 Peace of Paris bronze medal by J G Hancock BHM 813 (RRR)£55.00
MA241Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II medal 1953 reverse ship of state£7.00
MA243Germany Meissen medal Welentin 700 years of Withien-Oberlausitz East Saxony porcelain medal£24.00
MA244Germany Kiel Canal opening 1895 medal Nord Ostsee Kanal, bridge£20.00
MA245France Colonial Exhibition 1931 by L Desvignes AFRIQUE medal gilt, Berber arab£35.00
MA246France Colonial Exhibition 1931 by L Desvignes AFRIQUE medal silvered£35.00
MA247France Colonial Exhibition 1931 by A Mouroux Oceanie medal£35.00
MA248France Colonial Exhibition 1931 by L Bazor AMERIQUE medal£35.00
MA249National Union of School Orchestras Crystal Palace 1911 Aluminium medal£12.00
MA250France shell card medal Felix Faure President 1895 visit to Marseilles in 1896£22.00
MA251Coronation of Edward VII 1902 Sandon Road Wesleyan Sunday School (Bearwood, Birmingham) medal£30.00
MA252Surrey Worplesdon Golf Club - Scratch Mixed Foursomes silver prize medal 1937£45.00
MA253Austria Karl Heimpel Wiener Krystall Eis Fabrik 1884-1909 bronze medal Ice cream Factory£35.00
MA254Italy University of Pavia 1925 portrait medal Alexander Volta£20.00
MA25520th Vatican Council 1869-70 Pope Pius IX bronze medal£45.00
MA256Argentina Enrique Sinclair 1899 medal Commemorating Battle of Juncal 1827£20.00
MA257Argentina 1896 medal foundation stone of church of Nuestra Señora de Pompeya Buenos Ayres£20.00
MB165France bronze medal honouring Dr Jacques Ramadier 1948 by Henri Dropsy£60.00
MB95053MB95053 GB Israel Middle East, 50th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, 1917-1967 bronze medal£26.00
MB95054MB95054 GB, Charles Dickens Centenary 1870-1970 silver commemorative medal by Paul Vincze£105.00
MB95057MB95057 International Labour Organisation 60th anniversary bronze commemorative medal 1979£21.00
MB95058MB95058 Bronze medal portrait of Jules Verne given to Captain George M Tullis R.N. of HMS Phoebe 17 December 1979£21.00
MB95082MB95082 Belgium Large silver medal Hotel Communal de Schaerbeek inaugurated 21 July 1887.£95.00
MB95089MB95089 France, The Captive Greeks at Syracuse by Emile Louis Picault. 1863 bronze medallion£100.00
MB95093MB95093 France, bronze plaquette medal given by Paris Centre, c. 1900.£21.00
MB95099MB95099 France silvered bronze medal of aviator, Jacques Schneider by Szirmai.£78.00
MB95103MB95103 France, Bronze Art Deco sports medal commemorative issued by L’Auto-Velo and L’Auto journals 1930£78.00
MB95107MB95107 France, bronze medal of the Romantic novelist, Stendhal by Baudichon 1944.£52.50
MB95108MB95108 France, Alliance Francaise prize medal, by Henri Dropsy 1945£52.50
MB95119MB95119 France, large pewter art medal Les Couperin composers & organists by Andre Belot (Belo) 1969£52.50
MB95122MB95122 France, Henri Rochefort 1830-1913 portrait medal of the right-wing journalist£21.00
MB95124MB95124 France, bronze medal of Chaim Soutine 1894-1943, Russian Expressionist painter by Leopold Kretz£42.00
MB95128MB95128 France, La Lumiere d’En Haut The Light from Above by Emile Gilioli 1968 bronze medal£52.50
MB95129MB95129 GB/France, Large bronze medal Beau Brummell - The Regency Dandy by Despierre 1972.£52.50
MB95132MB95132 France, bronze medal Paracelsus Swiss medical pioneer, alchemist,£12.50
MB95133MB95133 Tricentenaire revocation édit de Nantes (1685-1985) commemorative medal by J.C. Ammann,£16.00
MB95135MB95135 France, Chas Laborde, French caricaturist and writer 1886-1941 silver medal£210.00
MB95145MB95145 Germany, Horse Breeding Bloodstock silvered bronze prize medal 1923£63.00
MB95152MB95152 Italy, Banca Populare di Cremona commemorative medal pewter, 1907.£52.50
MB95154MB95154 Jamaica medal for Jubilee of the Baptist Mission & opening of new building Suffield School,£52.50
MB95155MB95155 Mozart composer, portrait bronze medal by Telc£16.00
MB95159MB95159 Poland bronze medal of composer Frederick Chopin, with his facsimile signature.£26.00
MB96202MB96202 pub check Swan Hotel, Litchfield, George Hotel rev. Birmingham & Litchfield Turriff Omnibus£5.00
MB96248MB96248 Wales pub check CARDIFF, GRIFFIN HOTEL 6D Cox 301£10.00
MB96255MB96255 Wales pub check CARDIFF MARQUIS OF BUTE W.J. DAVIS BUTE ST. rev. 3D Cox 329£10.00
MB96273MB96273 Wales pub check (Cardiff), STAG & HOUNDS INN, GREAT FREDERICK ST. rev. 3D Cox 365£15.00
MB96278MB96278 Wales pub check (Cardiff), WELLINGTON HOTEL, WELLINGTON STREET, CANTON rev. 2D Cox 374£20.00
MB96280MB96280 Wales pub check CARDIFF, York Hotel, Ben Jenkins rev. 3D Cox 383£15.00
MB96281MB96281 Wales pub check COGAN, COGAN HOTEL W. WILLIAMS, COGAN PILL rev. 1/2D Cox 388£20.00
MB96287MB96287 Wales pub check COWBRIDGE, ROYAL OAK HOTEL, D. COLLIER rev. 3D Cox 398£15.00
MB96295MB96295 Wales pub check CWMTWRCH. CASTLE INN 3 Cox 419£20.00
MB96307MB96307 Wales pub check DOWLAIS, VICTORIA INN, R R JONES rev. 3D Cox 452£10.00
MB96329MB96329 LLANTRISSANT, HORSE & GROOM 3 Cox 496 Wales pub check£15.00
MB96362MB96362 Wales pub check MOUNTAIN ASH, MISKIN INN 3D Cox 565£10.00
MB96364MB96364 Wales pub check (Nantymoel), COURT HOTEL, COLMAN rev. 3D Cox 573£15.00
MB96378MB96378 Wales pub check NEATH & BRECON HOTEL rev. 3D Cox 597£15.00
MB96380MB96380 Wales pub check NEATH, NEATH & BRECON HOTEL, H. RICHARDS rev. 3D Cox 600£15.00
MB96459MB96459 Transport tokens x2 Birmingham Corporation Tramways arms rev. 1d red plastic 1 1/2d green plastic£5.00
MB96460MB96460 Transport tokens x2 Birmingham City Transport arms rev. 1 1/2d green plastic 2d orange plastic£5.00
MB98023MB98023 Browsing on the world tree cast bronze by Deborah Ward 1988£55.00
MB98028MB98028 Epidauros cast bronze medal by Werner Niermann for BAMS 1991£85.00
MB98036MB98036 GB, William Pitt First Lord of the Treasury 1799 bronze medal by Hancock£85.00
MB98042MB98042 GB Thomason Medallic Bible: Tower of Babel gilt metal medal c. 1830£35.00
R94490Wales Club Token FLEUR-DE-LIS UNIONIST CLUB 4D£8.00
TA-102Namibia - German South West Africa - Luderitzbucht Pass numbered 4286 Token£95.00
TA105Hampshire 17th Century  Token, Romsey Town 1/2d  W171£40.00
TA11218th century Token Middlesex D&H 923 London Essex & Norfolk Halfpenny lustre£55.00
TA113Jeton Alexander Emperor of Russia at the Peace of Paris 1814 Brass medal token British made£15.00
TA132Warwickshire D&H 336 1/2d John Wilkinson Iron Master rev. sailing barge halfpenny£30.00
TA13418th century halfpenny Suffolk D&H 26 1/2d Bury St. Edmunds£32.00
TA145Luxemburg token jeton - Tannerie de Cuir Ideal S.A. Ideal Leather Tannery, Wiltz£25.00
TA148GB Penny 1884 engraved with Victoria's portrait enhanced as a jockey£60.00
TA149GB Penny 1905 engraved with Edward VII wearing a boater hat & smoking pipe£45.00
TA152Isle of Man Half Penny Token 1830 For Public Accommodation£10.00
TA153France Jeton token 1814 Ville de Paris Grand Voirie- by Desnoyers - Road building£7.00
TA154France Jeton 1814 Ville de Paris Grand Voirie- by Desnoyers - Road building silver with text reverse£30.00
TA156John Wilkes MP 1773  Sentimental Magazine medal by Kirk£10.00
TA15717th Century Token farthing Berkshire 10 Abingdon William Stevenson Grocer farthing£12.00
TA158India Republic Hyderabad Mint canteen token Aluminium£35.00
TA159Panama, Osorio Finca de Cafe Token value 1/2£12.00
TA160Dominican Republic Consuelo Sugar Co. Token Aluminium£35.00
TA161Costa Rica Railway CR rev. 50 Centavos  CN 26.5mm. Rulau Sjs 42 Token£6.00
TA162Bahrain Cinema Co Complimentary token Manama Bahrain Aluminium 27.8mm. nVF 1960’s£10.00
TA163Scotland, Dundee, Samuel Lees 81 Overgate At The Sign Of The Drum Largest Fancy Emporium in Dundee 1/2D Token£10.00
TA164Farthing token Malton 1815 Esto Justus copper Withers 865 North Yorkshire£7.00
TA167Unusual Nurenburg Jeton 16th century£30.00
TA172Medieval English Jeton kings head / triangular design£20.00
TA174Medieval France Jeton token with crown£18.00
TA176Token coin 1813 Ireland Strabane Penny G Irvine - Withers 1901£12.00
TA177Australia Melbourne James Nokes Grocer token Halfpenny 1854£10.00
TA178France Paris clockmaker advertising token C. Detouche beehive£15.00
TA179India Post & Telephone Test Token c. 1960 Cu-Ni£15.00
TA181The Birmingham Mint advertising token cuprous-nickel 20th century£18.00
TA182Province of Canada Bank of Montreal penny Token 1842£12.00
TA185France, Ville de Grenoble 1850 token Association Alimentaire Dessert token jeton Brass£12.00
TA188USA 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition Employee ID badge / pass£60.00
TA189Rose Copper Company 1811 Penny token Withers 246 High grade£20.00
TA190British Guiana Stiver 1838 KM# Tn1 copper token£20.00
TA191St James's Club - London Crown Tavern Gt. Crown Court Claxton's - token£14.00
TA192Credit Lyonnais encased postage stamp token 5 cent green£15.00
TA193France Jeton, Comptoirs Albertins 10c Produits de 1me Choix Aluminium store token£25.00
TA194France Jeton, 1809 river Seine purified water token - Napoleonic period£15.00
TA195Model Crown coin bi-metallic plated brass made by Hyams 1848£28.00
TA196Marriage of Caroline to Prince George 1795 Brass counter, medal£14.00
TA197Nottingham Beechcroft & Son token Victoria 1862 farthing size£9.00
TA198Recovery of Prince of Wales celebrations at St Paul's cathedral 1872 farthing size medal, counter£4.00
TA199Marriage of Duke of Edinburgh to Princess Marie of Russia 1874 brass medal£6.00
TA200Allen & Co (South Shields) Ltd 1D & 3D pair of tokens£10.00
TA201India Token Assam. Soldiers Club Shillong 4 Annas - WW2 period military£45.00
TA202India Token Assam. Soldiers Club Shillong 1 Anna - WW2 period military£35.00
TA203California 1849 Gold Rush brass token USA£35.00
TA204Canada Ottawa Bakery 1/2 token, AJ Dompierre£15.00
TA205Ireland Communion token GILFORD 1844£60.00
TA206Gloucester Pub Token, Marquis of Granby 1 1/2d£12.00
TA207Gloucester Pub Token, Marquis of Granby 2d£12.00
TA208Doncaster 1d Public Cocoa & Coffee House token Temperance£25.00
WA106Italy brass coin weight for Genoa 24 Lire c.1800£8.00
WA108Italy coin weight for Genoa 48 Lire - D G£12.00
WA117James I coin weight for Britain Crown Vs VI square - Withers 537£20.00
WA120Half Guinea brass coin weight Withers 1671g£8.00
WA122Guinea brass coin weight Withers 2044D ctm. crown P G 5 8£8.00
WA125Brass coin weight S 27 incuse British weight to weigh Portugal Moidore£6.00
WA127Brass Trade weight 2 ounce Charles I verified by the Founders Company London Civil War period£28.00
WA129Italy Brass coin weight to weigh Milan Half Sovrano unusual D4 G12 1/2£30.00
WA132Italy Brass coin weight to weigh Papal States 1/2 Roman Ducat Zecchino with arms of Benedict XIV£32.00
WA136Ancient Greek bronze square weight depicting Hippocamp A above ? Sicily Syracuse 8 litrae£250.00
WA142Interesting brass square Bullion weight marked A 376 (grains) ?weight in silver Spanish American dollar?£35.00
WA144British brass coin weight to weigh Portugal Joe S 36 incuse£8.00
WA145British brass coin weight to weigh Portugal Joe S 36 Withers 1674b£20.00
WA146British brass coin weight to weigh Portugal Half Moidore 13s 6d Withers 1792f£15.00
WA150British bronze coin weight to weigh Gold Angel Withers 244a£20.00
WA151British Bronze coin weight to weigh Gold Rose Noble (Ryal) coin Withers-£20.00
WA152British Brass coin weight to weigh Portugal Moidore S 27 Engraved£15.00
WA153British Brass coin weight to weigh Guinea 21 incuse 8.12g.£8.00
WA156Byzantine square bronze 2 Uncia or Sextans Trade weight cross symbol£75.00
WA157Byzantine square bronze Uncia or Ounce Trade weight with cross£45.00
WA159Byzantine round bronze Semi Uncia or Half Ounce or 3 Solidi Trade / Bullion weight£25.00
WA160Byzantine octagonal bronze Uncia or Ounce Trade weight with silver inlay£140.00
WA165France Ecu Au Soleil brass coin weight Antwerp made square Hand 16th century£14.00
WA166France Ecu bronze coin weight hexagonal crowned French Arms - Medieval£16.00
WA168Square weight to weigh English coin Rose Noble Maker HW, Antwerp£14.00
WA170James I brass square coin weight to weigh gold Laurel Withers 648£20.00
WA173British Half Guinea brass coin weight Withers 2045G£8.00
WA174 France, Franc a Cheval, Jean - Charles V, man riding horse brandishing sword Bronze coin weight£40.00
WA175France, brass coin weight Silver Teston of Louis XII, TESTON .VII. D .X. G£14.00
WA176Five Pennyweights brass bullion weight Georgian Withers 2213a£35.00