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CA1011Korea 1 Fun brass coin year 504 2 characters KM 1105£25.00
CA286Korea brass coin 1 Mun Joseon Tong Bo 1625-33£45.00
CA102JAPAN silver coin 1 Yen Meiji 3 (1870) gold plated and mounted as a broach - missing pin£75.00
CA119Nepal Token 14 paisa iron coin undated KM 998£40.00
CA123Egypt base silver Qirsh 1223 year 23 KM 181 Misr mint£50.00
CA138Japan silver coin 10 Sen Meiji 24 KM23 1891£30.00
CA142Japan 5 Sen Meiji 10 KM22 silver coin£100.00
CA154Thailand Brass 1/2 Fuang coin Thin flan KM 4a£18.00
CA168China Republic Szechuan Sichuan 200 cash cut in half to make 100 cash£28.00
CA189Ancient bronze coin Roman Provincial Germanicus and Augustus 17mm. 4.03g. in Greek£50.00
CA197Ancient Roman bronze AE2 coin of Arcadius, reverse Gloria Romanorum 4th century£20.00
CA198French Colonies 5 Centimes KM# 12 1843A Louis Philippe portrait£32.00
CA205China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Guangzong - Shao Xi Yuan bao AD 1190-94 Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.342 year 2 (1191AD)£18.00
CA206China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron cash.£18.00
CA211CHINA, XINJIANG, Xian Feng Zhong Bao, 1851-61,10 cash, H22.1105, Urumqi mint£24.00
CA217China Xinjiang Ushi mint copper cash Qian Long Hartill 22.433£18.00
CA220Roman coin Gallienus Antoninianus rev. IOVI CONS AVG goat£15.00
ca230Turkey 20 Para coin 1327H Year 4 Nickel KM 761 - officially cancelled£25.00
CA233India-Princely States KUTCH 5 Kori Y# 53a 1935 VS1991 silver coin£24.00
CA234India-Princely States KUTCH 2-1/2 Kori 1937 VS1993 Y# 74£18.00
CA235Egypt silver 5 Qirsh 1277 year 4 KM 253.1£70.00
CA236HUNGARY Bela III AD 1172-1196.  AE. Follaro Pseudo Kufic£35.00
CA237UK Very worn Victorian "bun" penny countermarked 999 Telephone token emergency related?£15.00
CA240England James II Crown 1688 F£190.00
CA247Morocco 10 Mazunas 1310AH bronze coin KM Y3£140.00
CA255Roman Empire, Severus Alexander Denarius - Mars standing£30.00
CA256Ancient Greece Lokris, Lokroi Opuntii, silver Tri-obol 338 BC - 316 BC£60.00
CA257Ancient Roman AE3 Jovian 363 - 364 AD Hereclea mint - Vot V in wreath type£30.00
CA258Roman Empire, base silver coin Antoninianus Quintillus 270AD Laetitia£15.00
CA259Roman Empire coin Aelia Flaccilla Follis Antioch Victory AE4£20.00
CA260Medieval Ceylon copper coin Kings of Kandy Parakrama Bahu II 1236-1271, Kahavanu copper coin£14.00
CA262Medieval Ceylon copper coin Kings of Kandy Queen Lilavati (reigned 1197–1200, 1209–1210, and 1211–1212) & Kahavanu Massa£14.00
CA264Ancient NABATAEA. Rabbel II, with Shuqailat II. AD 70/1-105/6. Silver  Sela' or Drachm£120.00
CA267Belgium Flanders Ypres, petit denier 12th century coin£40.00
CA268TIBET (China) 5 Sho BE 16 - 24 (1950) KM 28a£40.00
Ca269TIBET (China) 1 Sho BE 16 - 9 (1935) KM 23£30.00
CA271Norway 10 ore 1897 pair silver coins made into brooch - coin jewellery£30.00
CA273East India Company - British Bombay Presidency 1803 pice£30.00
CA274French India Arcot mint (12)06 year 31 KM 46 silver Rupee£50.00
CA275French India Arcot mint 1203 year 28 KM 46 silver Rupee£50.00
CA276French India Arcot mint (1201) year 26 KM 46 silver Rupee£40.00
CA277Indonesia, Sumatra, Atjeh Aceh c. early 19th century, tin / lead Pitis, legend in Arabic, KM 1£10.00
CA280France 2 Sol 1793 year II H mint = La Rochelle KM 621.6£40.00
CA281BRUNEI: Anonymous, 18th-19th century, broad tin pitis coin S E Asia£200.00
CA282Tobago stampee struck over crowned C - West Indies 2 island countermarks£120.00
CA286Algeria Gold Quarter Sultani 1240 KM 63.2 - 4 holes used as jewellery£65.00
CA288India Assam Silver Half Rupee GAURINATH SHIMHA 1780-96 No Date£25.00
CA289India Assam Silver½ Rupee - Lakshmi Simha 1769-1780 No Date£30.00
CA290India Assam Silver 1 Rupee GAURINATH SHIMHA 1780-96 1705£45.00
CA291India Assam Silver 1 Rupee Shiva Simha with Queen Ambika 1658 year 22£60.00
CA292India Assam Silver 1 Rupee Shiva Simha with Queen Pramathesvari 1647£75.00
CA293India Assam Silver 1 Rupee Shiva Simha with Queen Pramathesvari 1650£75.00
CA294India East India Company Quarter Anna 1858 much original lustre£25.00
CA295Charles the Bald or Simple, Carolingian France 860-925 AD, Denier coin£75.00
CA297BULGARIA Second Empire Ivan Sracimir 1356–1397 silver Gros£30.00
CA298Hungary Denár - András II - Denar Anfrew II 1205-35 small silver coin£28.00
CA299France silver 10 Francs 1932 by Pierre Turin - Art Deco coinage£10.00
CA300British India India silver Rupee coin 1862 Bombay mint£100.00
CA301British India India silver Half Rupee coin 1862 Bombay or Madras mint£60.00
CA302British India silver Rupee coin 1880 Bombay mint£45.00
CA303British India silver Rupee 1887 Bombay mint coin£75.00
CA304Hungary Vladislaus II 1490-1516 silver Denar coin 1506 K H Madonna / shield£12.00
CA305Hungary Vladislaus II 1490-1516 silver Denar coin 1516 K C Madonna / shield£12.00
CA306Hungary Louis (Lajos) s II 1516-1526 silver Denar coin 1520 K A Madonna / shield£12.00
CA307Hungary Louis (Lajos) II 1516-1526 silver Denar coin 1523 L K Madonna / shield no inscription£12.00
CA308Hungary Ferdinand I 1526-64 silver Denar coin 1541 K B Madonna / curved sided shield£12.00
CA309TURKEY: Abdul Hamid I, 1774-1789, AR 2 zolota (60 para), Kostantiniye, AH1187 year 8, KM-402£32.00
CA314Ceylon Stuiver coin KM# 26 1788 VOC Dutch East Indies Company Colombo mint£20.00
CA315Ceylon Stuiver coin KM# 26 1795 C VOC Dutch East Indies Company Colombo mint£30.00
CA316Ceylon Stuiver coin KM# 19.1 (ca. 1712) 1St in wreath Jaffna mint£45.00
CA317Sri Lanka/ Ceylon 1/2 Stuiver coin KM# 18.2 (1660-1720) 1/2St in wreath Jaffna mint£15.00
CA318British India , Bombay Presidency - Malabar Coast East India Company copper Paisa£30.00
CA319Brunei cent 1304 AH KM3 coin£8.00
CA320Thailand (Siam) 1/16 Fuang = 1 Solot tin coin ND (1862) KM Y 5£10.00
CA321Thailand (Siam) 1/8 Fuang = 1 Att tin coin ND (1862) KM Y 6.3£15.00
CA322German States AACHEN 12 Heller coin KM# 51 1792 copper coin - eagle£12.00
CA324Cyprus 4-1/2 Piastres KM# 5 1901 - silver coin VF£28.00
CA325Ancient Greece - TROAS. Abydos. 4th century BC. Bronze coin Apollo / standing eagle£15.00
CA326China Fukien Province 10 Cash - Guangxu Foo-Kien, copper KM Y#100.2£15.00
CA327China 10 Cash - Tongzhi Zhongbao; Board of Revenue - cast brass coin£15.00
CA328China Republic 10 Cash - copper KM Y#306.1£12.00
CA329China Republic 10 Cash coin - copper KM Y#303 nice grade£15.00
CA330China Republic 10 Cash - copper KM Y#302.2£12.00
CA331China Republic 10 Cash coin - copper KM Y#307£10.00
CA334China Kiangnan Province 10 Cash coin - Guangxu, copper CD 1902 KM Y#135.3£10.00
CA335China Kwangtung (Guandong) Province One Cent - Guangxu, copper KM Y#192£8.00
CA338China Hu Peh Province 10 cash - Guangxu, copper KM Y122£7.00
CA339China Republic 20 Cash Honan Province copper KM Y#400.7£8.00
CA340China Republic 20 Cash Honan Province copper KM Y#400.2 oval rosette above flags£8.00
CA342China Republic 200 Cash Szechuan (Sichuan) Province brass KM Y#464a£25.00
CA343China Republic 200 Cash Szechuan (Sichuan) Province brass KM Y#464a small 200£10.00
CA346China Hunan Province 10 cash - Guangxu, Brass KM Y1113a£12.00
CA348Colombia State of Santander, 50 Centavos 1902 KM A3 brass bracteate£40.00
CA349GB Queen Anne Half Crown 1708E SEPTIMO edge S3605£60.00
CA351GB Engraved coin, George III sixpence engraved S.M.A. Radcliffe£30.00
CA353GB George III Maundy money 3d 1763 coin£20.00
CA354Campen (Kampen) 1 Stuiver N D (1621) base silver local coin Netherlands£60.00
CA355GB Queen Victoria Maundy 2d 1883£15.00
CA356ARMENIA Abbasi AH 1131 (1719) Erivan silver coin Safavids of IRAN HUSAYN I£20.00
CA357Republic of Venice, 1 Tornesello - Antonio Venier 1382-1400 billon coin£16.00
CA358France Token jeton Napoleon III Lille 10 Centimes module, monument to Napoleon Lille 1854£15.00
CA359China Yuan Shih Kai silver Dollar coin year 3 (1914) KM Y 239£100.00
CA3601855 Britannia Groat of Queen Victoria silver£50.00
CA3611788 Barbados George III penny, so called pineapple penny£40.00
CA368China, Emperor Wen Zong (1851–61) Hartill 22.739 10 cash ND Board of Revenue cast iron West Branch.£95.00
CA3691739 V French Colonies 1 Sou Marque. billon Troyes mint - used in Canada & US - Vlack 192 (R4)£100.00
CA370British colonial East Africa 50 Cents coin KM# 20 1922£15.00
CA371British colonial Belize, British Honduras (1862-1973) 25 Cents - Edward VII 1907 silver coin KM 12£18.00
CA372USA Hawaii Dala or Dollar 1883 made into buckle silver - complete KM 7£300.00
CA373Netherlands FRIESLAND 1/2 Lion Daalder KM# 12.3 1628 or 26 - no lion mintmark£50.00
CA374Malaysia, Malay Peninsula TRENGGANU Cent KM# 19 1325 Tin coin 29mm£30.00
MA 552British Gas Light Company long service silver medal 25 years 1896-1921 by AG Wyon£50.00
MA 553Pinxton Collieries 1899 silver cross medal awarded to E Wilson (Derbyshire) by Fattorini£50.00
MA 554France copper medal 1844 by Rogat - Prise de La Bastille / Donjon de Vincennes£42.00
MA 555France LOUIS XVIII Medal for the Canal Saint-Martin (1825) by Gayrard£42.00
MA 556France LOUIS XIII 1686 Discovery of the moons of Saturn by Cassini - bronze medal design by Mauger£180.00
MA 557France visit of Russian Czar to France 1896 - Aluminium souvenir medal£26.00
MA 558GB Poultry prize medal. Leghorn, Plymouth Rock & Andalusian Club 1900s£30.00
MA 559Silver School prize medal Manchester Grammar School sports - Owl logo 1896£30.00
MA109William Dunnett Spanton Surgeon Medical memorial medal by A Fenwick Aluminium£45.00
MA117Transvaal Rifle Association South Africa bronze Prize medal£20.00
MA147West Indies Portobello Medal 1739 Admiral Vernon Adams PBv 26-V holed£125.00
MA160France large bronze cast plaque medal portrait of novelist Balzac by David d'Angers 1843£525.00
MA165Poland 1917 Zinc medal Tadeusz Kosciuszko 1746-1817 centenary of patriot by Wyzocki£90.00
MA168Royal Humane Society Large size 2nd type Bronze Successful Not awarded£150.00
MA170Scotland Incorporation of Barbers (Glasgow)- silver school prize medal 1872-3 to Mary B Angell engraved£160.00
MA172Art Nouveau silver medal by F Chabaud "Industrie" - La Chambre Syndicale De La Carrosserie£135.00
MA174Art Deco Jean Mermoz aviator portrait bronze medal by Georges Guiraud 1933£140.00
MA180Liverpool Free Gospel Sunday School 1879 pewter medal£22.00
MA182France Art Nouveau shooting plaque medal by J.E. Roine given by General Libermann£70.00
MA183France, Le Secours, Insurance Company Jeton medal silver£50.00
MA184France/England Le Metal medal 1906 bronze plaque medal visit of London Council to Paris£40.00
MA186France, Art Nouveau bronze medal Society of Science of Lille by Hippolyte Lefebvre£30.00
MA188France 1849 2nd Republic Revolutionary Paris series dogs racing medal or pass£40.00
MA190Washington - Lafayette medal - Journee a Paris 1917 by Gaston Lavrillier£12.00
MA192Netherlands Birth of Juliana 1909 - Wilhelmina & Hendrik Gilt brass souvenir medal£18.00
MA193France commemorative medal for the death of Louis XVI 1793 by Mainwaring an English medallist£30.00
MA1991827 Death of Duke of York medal tokens brass£15.00
MA207Medal for Belfast Opening of Northern Ireland Parliament 1932 by Edward Prince of Wales£25.00
MA210Cast bronze portrait medal of John Lemoinne by Juliette Dubufe France 19th c.£300.00
ma217France CHARLES IX medal 1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre bronze 36mm Restrike£70.00
ma219Essex Romford Golf Club Monthly Medal silver c.1902£65.00
ma2221937 Coronation aluminium medal advertising Theatre Show "Farewell Again" at the Plaza London£18.00
MA228Strand School 1931 silver sports medal£24.00
MA229The Lucas Tooth Boys Training Fund prize medal for efficiency bronze circa 1913-20's£16.00
MA235University of London Athletic Union 1923 prize medal bronze£15.00
MA243Germany Meissen medal Welentin 700 years of Withien-Oberlausitz East Saxony porcelain medal£24.00
MA244Germany Kiel Canal opening 1895 medal Nord Ostsee Kanal, bridge£20.00
MA250France shell card medal Felix Faure President 1895 visit to Marseilles in 1896£22.00
MA254Italy University of Pavia 1925 portrait medal Alexander Volta£20.00
MA256Argentina Enrique Sinclair 1899 medal Commemorating Battle of Juncal 1827£20.00
MA260London Yacht Club 15 carat gold and enamel pennant brooch c. 1900£225.00
MA265France bronze medal Art Deco 1955 centenary of Cie. Gle. Transatlantique - ocean liners by Marcel Renard£45.00
MA266France bronze medal Art Deco 1945 portrait of Marcel Cachet by Louis Muller - Communist Politician£65.00
MA267Poland commemoration of Warsaw Ghetto battle 1944 - 1981 medal by A Markowiecz, £30.00
MA268Autoclub Republiky Ceskoslovenske, 40th anniversary, car badge 1947 Czech£30.00
MA270Brazil 1911 aluminium commemorative 25th anniversary Republic medal mirror£30.00
MA272Army Aldershot Command Football League Boys Northern Division 1913-14 silver medal£25.00
MA273Navy Tug of War silver medal Mediterranean Fleet 110 St. Runners Up 1930 to Marine J Howe HMS Cairo£20.00
MA274E Company Association 3rd London Rifle Volunteers silver rifle shooting medal fob£40.00
MA275Russian Medal - Alexander III Unveiling of the monument to Alexander II in Helsingfors / Helsinki Finnland£120.00
MA282USA 1904 Louisiana Purchase Centenary Exhibition tinned brass souvenir medal - Olympic related£45.00
MA2871887 Victoria Jubilee Surbiton bronze medal with 4 similar inlaid with 1901 coins£75.00
MA289Bolivia proclamation medal 1853 1 Real / sol size holed£20.00
MA290Bolivia proclamation medal 1863 2 Real / 2 soles size holed President De Acha£20.00
MA291Bolivia proclamation medal 1849 1 Real / 1 sol size holed silver clasped hands General Belzu£25.00
MA292Bolivia proclamation medal 1852 2 Reales / 2 soles size holed£25.00
MA293Bolivia silver proclamation medal 1853 1 Real / 1 sol size holed General Belzu£20.00
MA294Bolivia silver proclamation medal 1854 1 Real / 1 sol size holed Potosi£15.00
MA295Bolivia silver proclamation medal 1826 1 Real / 1 sol size holed Bolivian Constitution£20.00
MA296Bronze portrait medal Roger Huguenin Swiss medal maker by Corbin 1932 unicorn & serpent£55.00
MA297Science: F Schutzenberger industrial chemist portrait medal by Urbain his centenary 1929 bronze plaquette£55.00
MA301Britain Country Life & Riding bronze prize medal 1938 Long Distance Horse Ride£75.00
MA304Hungary XII International Epithet Congress Nemzet Kozi Epitesz 1930 Budapest bronze medal Deco£32.00
MA308Scotland - Burgh of Hamilton gilt silver and enamel fob medal 1936£45.00
MA309Welcome to Yokohama Japan souvenir medal c. 1920s Mount Fuji ribbon bow£20.00
MA310France portrait medal of medallist - Mon Pere My Father 1846-1909 by Victor Canale£95.00
MA311Surrey Guildford Veteran & Vintage Car Rally medal 1969 in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society£20.00
MA313Lawn Tennis Association - Ladies Inter County Cup Bronze Medals x2 Runners Up Middlesex Mrs AE Beamish 1925 & 1929£65.00
MA314Lawn Tennis Association - Ladies Inter County Hard Court Championships Bronze Medals x2 Runners Up Middlesex Mrs WG (AE) Beamish 1923-4 & 1926-7£65.00
MA317Olympic Games London 1948 Unofficial pin badge brass no maker's name£30.00
MA320Pewter medal - Peace of Paris after the Crimea War 1856 Russia v. Britain France Turkey£85.00
MA322Empire Day May 24th - Edward Prince of Wales bronze medal holed for wearing - later Edward VIII£8.00
MA324Pewter commemorative medal - John Bright 25 years as MP for Birmingham 1857-1882£20.00
MA325Pewter medal - Visit of Louis Philippe of France to Victoria 1844 by Allen & Moore£25.00
MA326Pewter medal William & Adelaide coronation & Sunday School Jubilee Commemorative Manchester 1831£55.00
MA328GB, London Garden Society silver prize medal hallmarked 1938 rose garden£32.00
MA329London Shipping Athletic Association silver prize medal 1928 Japan related£22.00
MA331Hollandia ship medals by Ron Dutton with silver from the wreck plus bronze version£30.00
MA334RUGBY LEAGUE gold prize medal Northern Rugby Combination won by J Bullen WIGAN FC 1912-13£400.00
MA336The British Gladiolus Society - silver prize medal 1927 to Mrs HW Hall£30.00
MA338India Temple Token Hindu silver bullion medal - 14.80g£18.00
MA342GB 1935 Silver Jubilee lapel badge George V & Mary£10.00
MA343Amateur Football League Devon Wednesday AFL football - gilt silver & enamel fob prize medal£15.00
MA345Robert Cook Essex Schools Championship under 15 football - 2 antique silver & enamel fob prize medal£18.00
MA346GB Markham Cup CSFA football silver & enamel fob prize medal 1926-7£14.00
MA349GB Agricultural prize medal, Warwickshire Agricultural Society Pewter medal£30.00
MA352Ireland Royal College of Surgeons portrait of Richard Carmichael silver medal 1933 Forensic science£60.00
MA353British Railways Western Region Staff Assoc. Festival of Music & Drama medals x3£55.00
MA354Cuba (under Spain), brass medal, Amadeo I, 1872, inauguration of the Burriel aqueduct at Matanzas, by Crones£225.00
MA355Heavy silver cross medal, engraved Silver Wedding June 28th 1885 WFG CMG£30.00
MA356French Revolution medal bronze portrait of Joseph Chalier 1747-93 Lyon Jacobin£125.00
MA358GB 1953 Elizabeth II coronation medal National Playing Fields Association Medal£12.00
MA360GB 1977 Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee silver medal medal Birmingham mint£32.00
MA361Italy Nicolo & Antonio Zeno medal Geographical Congress Venice 1881£32.00
MA362Horticultural medals x2 Toogood & Sons Southampton silver & bronze prize£32.00
MA363Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners Society 1884 numbered pass medal - Nelson portrait by J Moore£20.00
MA364Broadstairs College Kent - Victorian period pewter medal for Geography£20.00
MA3651838 pewter medal Richard Oastler Dismissed as Manager of Flixby estate - abolitionist advocate of Factory labour reform£40.00
MA366France President Poincare 1913 Aluminium shell medal advertising medal Maison Bernot£25.00
MA368Scotland Scottish Amateur Athletic Association 1889 bronze medal prize for 120 yd. hurdles£40.00
MA369Silver engraved medal Scotland S K C Scottish Kennel Club? 1887 prize Best St Bernard Bitch Waverley Market£65.00
MA370Scotland Tarland Show silver Prize medal 1918 for best Heifer - Agricultural Show - Aberdeenshire£65.00
MA372Scotland Academic prize medal, Montrose Academy 1922 to David W Bett for Greek£200.00
MA373Scotland Academic prize medal, Edinburgh University 1906 to Hamilton F Kedslie - bronze prize medal£18.00
MA374Scotland Academic silver prize medal, The Scottish Episcopal College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Glenalmond£100.00
MA375Scotland Academic prize medal, The Scottish Phonographic Association Shorthand prize 1901 - Pitman shorthand£25.00
MA376Scotland Academic prize medal, College of Science & Technology Edinburgh 1894 to William Hislop£35.00
MA378Scotland - The Sanitary Inspectors Association of Scotland gilt & enamel badge by Kirkwood lapel badge£20.00
MA380Wales Miners St John Ambulance League, Southern Mines Inspection District -prize medal Forest of Dean£40.00
MA3811881 German Empire Commemorating Association Warrior Festival Marburg plated brass medal - depicts Iron Cross 1870£16.00
MA3821886 German Empire Jubilee - 25 years coronation of Kaiser Willhelm, king of Prussia plated medal£16.00
MA383Italy, Papal Bulla - lead seal of Medici Pope Pius IIII 1559-65 Renaissance£80.00
MA384British Empire Exhibition 1924 silver & enamel badge - Wembley lion£30.00
MA385British Empire Exhibition 1924 silver & enamel badge - Red Wembley lion - bar broach£30.00
MA388Agricultural prize medal bull silver by Pinches 19th century£60.00
MA389Agricultural medal - Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society prize bronze 1961 Doune & Dunblane AS£20.00
MA391Great Exhibition prize medal 1851 - silver electrotype made 1991£165.00
MA392Agricultural medal - Welsh Black Cattle Society prize bronze 1927 Royal Counties Show£40.00
MA393Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt service 31 Oct 1937 - depicts Lutyens's original design - bronze medal£40.00
MA394British Raj, India 1883-4 Calcutta Exhibition medal medallet£20.00
MA395India Republic Independance medal Cu-Ni£15.00
MA397Transvaal War - Boer War - Australia Bushmens Corps 1900 bronze medal£18.00
MA398Space exploration Moon Landing Apollo 11 Michael Collins 1969 1 ounce silver medal£30.00
MA399Space exploration: Moon Landing Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong 1969 1 ounce silver medal£30.00
MA400Space exploration: Moon Landing Apollo 11, 1 ounce silver medal Buzz Aldrin 1969£30.00
MA401Medal Sir Charles Cockerell (1755-1837), Election as MP for Evesham Validated bronze medal, 1819£40.00
MA402Uruguay, Juan Zorrilla de San Martin bronze medal portrait 1960 Historic & Geographic Institute£30.00
MA403Shell Chemicals Limited Horticulture silver prize medal£40.00
MA405Birmingham - Tangye Brothers Engineers - Cornwall Works Long Service silver medal award 1910 WF Monk£95.00
MA406Marriage of Duke of Westminster to Constance Edwina Cornwallis West 1901 bronze medal£20.00
MA408Past Presidents badge of The National Association of Monumental Masons - gilt silver & enamel medal£30.00
MA410Second New Zealand contingent to Transvaal 1900 silver gilt medal Boer War£42.00
MA411Liverpool Football League fob medal silver 1919-20 Runners up enamel£15.00
MA412Liverpool Motor Club silver medal for Penrith Trial 1928 won by P. C. Ralli£30.00
MA413Liverpool Harriers & Athletic Club 1932 One Mile 3rd bronze & enamel fob medal£10.00
MA414Liverpool, St. Francis Xavier College silver & enamel fob medal 1920 hallmark£12.00
MA416Wales St. John Ambulance medal Mining Abercarn Division 1932 South Celynen named£32.00
MA418British bronze medal portraits Frederick King of Prussia & Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick£30.00
MA419France Great Men Medal 1817 François Eudes de Mézeray - Medic & Historian£20.00
MA424France Eiffel Tower Souvenir of Ascent medals x2 1889 year built &1900 Exhibition by Charpentier£38.00
MA425Royal Automobile Club Veteran car Rally 1985 London Brighton run - bronze medal£10.00
MA426Pair of silver fob medal prizes H. H. G. C. 1900, 1902 to Anne Collington Golf Club prizes£30.00
MA4271780 Calendar medal - Iohn Powell Birmingham brass almanack£35.00
MA428France shell card medal military Conscription lottery 1895£25.00
MA429Newcastle Industrial Exhibition medal pewter 1840 - depicts Newcastle Cathedral tower£25.00
MA430Wales Newport Education Committee - School Attendance medal in bronze 1906-7 Newport Castle£15.00
MA431Glamorgan County Council medal for Mine Surveying bronze prize medal 1929 to Kenneth Griffith£30.00
MA4331735-1935 Homeopath Samuel Hahnemann Bicentennial medal issued by Boericke & Tafel Philadelphia PA USA£15.00
MA434Oil & Colour Chemists Association - Presidents badge depicting Leonardo da Vinci - 1965-7 Dr. S H Bell£28.00
MA435Essex Warren Golf Club medal 1924 bronze prize medal£32.00
MA436Pope Paul VI British made silver papal medal 1963-78 by John Pinches£125.00
MA437Pope Gregory XVI silver Papal medal 1843 Port of Tarracina Italy£135.00
MA438Silver gilt Papal medal Pius IX 1846-78 Bene Merenti£95.00
MA439France LOUIS XV bronze medal Cardinal de Fleury by Dassier 1736£110.00
MA440Death of Cardinal ERCOLE CONSALVI (1757-1824)- bronze medal 1824£80.00
MA441Malaya 1919 peace medal from Negri Sembilan bronze£15.00
MA442Italy - pretty bronze art nouveau style athletics medal in bronze for cross country 1910£15.00
MA443Australia WW1 - ANZAC Day 1918 medal bronze - Gallipoli France Palestine£18.00
MA444Benjamin Disraeli portrait medal 1805- 1881 British Politics Victorian period£28.00
MA445Scotland, Glasgow University Joseph Black Medecine Faculty prize medal awarded to Agnes M. McMichael 1905-6 for Chemistry£150.00
MA446Italy Portrait medal John Temple Leader historian cast bronze by Dante Sodini 1896£295.00
MA447London Livery company - Mercers Company silver medal 1936 hallmark - prize medal£40.00
MA448Gloucester 1909 visit of King Edward VII to Royal Agricultural Show - white metal souvenir medal£12.00
MA449Silver long service badge 1926 for 15 years LB Ltd Joseph H O'Hagan£28.00
MA450City of London Eisteddfod 1939 bronze & enamel medal prize£15.00
MA451Badge for the 42nd Universal Esperanto Congress Marseilles (1957) France£12.00
MA452France Napoleon III token medal- D'Antony 19 Sept 1869 - music teacher£8.00
MA453France, Henri de France bronze medal rev. Fides Spes pretender to French crown 19th century£12.00
MA454Sanitary Institute Incorporated 1888 silver Prize Medal awarded to Beady & Martin for Vacuum Tubes for Rontgen Rays Newcastle 1896 - early x-ray equipment£100.00
MA455Royal Sanitary Institute Prize Medal in silver awarded to Exeter Gas Light & Coke Co 1913£55.00
MA4561910 Belgium, Brussels Universal Exposition bronze medal by Devreese - Art Nouveau style£45.00
MA457Paul Vincze medal portrait of Cecil Harmsworth Daily Mirror newspaper Diamond Jubilee 1903-63 medal£35.00
MA458Manchester to Liverpool Railway 1830 White metal medal by T Halliday - Bridge at Newton George Stephenson£60.00
MA460Manchester to Liverpool Railway 1830 White metal medal by T Halliday - Liverpool Station rev. bridge over Sankey Canal- Holed£60.00
MA461Liverpool Birkenhead Opening of Mersey Tunnel 1934 Aluminium 32mm medal£10.00
MA462Liverpool Birkenhead Opening of Mersey Tunnel 1934 Souvenir medal / badge bronze£12.00
MA463(Greater Manchester) commemorative medal Hyde Town Hall opened 1885 white metal 44.7mm.£25.00
MA465Bootle St. Mary’s church commemorative medal for Centenary of church school 1835-1935 bronze£12.00
MA466Edinburgh John Watson’s Institution prize medal - Rowe Memorial Medal 1927-1928 bronze£25.00
MA467South America medal Argentina 1910 Inauguration of the Transandine Railway plated bronze 49mm£15.00
MA468Argentina, Buenos Aires Underground Tramway 1910 Plated bronze 50mm£25.00
MA469San Gotthard road tunnel Started 1976 bronze 50.4mm Switzerland£20.00
MA470Simplon Tunnel commemorative medal for inauguration 1906 celebrated at the Milan Exhibition silver Italy to Switzerland£15.00
MA471France - Italy 1965 Mont Blanc Tunnel Courmayeur to Chamonix bronze 34mm souvenir medal£12.00
MA472Wilton Church 1846  Wiltshire medal White metal 51mm. ref. Taylor 154a£358.00
MA473Bronze medal Birmingham, Bishop Ryder’s church consecrated 1838 Gothic style architecture£30.00
MA474France / GB Eurotunnel opened 6-05-1994 Monnaie de Paris made official medal in bronze 72mm£30.00
MA475France- Marèges Dam lead uniface strikes of the 1985 medal - trial strike?£25.00
MA476British India (now Pakistan) silver scouting medal Mardan 1945£30.00
MA477France UK - 1848-9 Visits of French delegate to England & return visit - Union related - clasped hands bronze medal 36.3mm£50.00
MA478The Gardening Illustrated Medal 1929 Horticulture prize by Vaughton£12.00
MA479Light Division Centenary medal 1808-1908 bronze medal£30.00
MA480Kettering, Toller Congregational Schools centenary medals 1810-1910 - in bronze & white metal£50.00
MA481Lancashire, Swinton Church centenary 1791-1891 white metal medal£22.00
MA482Lancashire, Deane church Bolton Restored 1884 white metal medal£22.00
MA483Cumbria Carlisle - Tullie House 1896 white metal medal - Institute of Science Literature & Art£38.00
MA484Halifax Chamber of Commerce silver prize medal 1924-25 to Alfred Bottomley£22.00
MA485UK Bronze medal, 55 Broadway London Transport, 1933-93 - 60 years building£6.00
MA486United Kingdom, Medal - General Election October 1974 bronze 45mm House of Commons£6.00
MA487Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - Official Royal Mint Gilt Bronze small size 32mm by Rizzello£10.00
MA488Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - Official Royal Mint Gilt Bronze large size 58mm by Rizzello in box£20.00
MA489Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - Official Royal Mint Sterling silver medium size 45mm by Rizzello in box£90.00
MA490Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - unofficial bronze medal 38mm by Mayfair Coin Co£12.00
MA491Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - unofficial bronze medal 38mm by Hearn£12.00
MA492Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - unofficial Britannia silver medal 44.6mm by Pinches£50.00
MA493Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - unofficial silver medal 38.7mm by Pinches£50.00
MA494Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 medal - pair of unofficial silver medals 35.3 & 44.7mm by Pinches (in box)£85.00
MA495Charles Investiture as Prince of Wales 1969 set of 4 unofficial silver medals by Pinches (in box)£85.00
MA4961911 George V coronation medal for Coventry gilt brass - with elephant£10.00
MA4971889 British Aluminium Company medal commemorating the Daville - Castner Process - link to Paris Exposition£75.00
MA498KLM Dutch Airlines 30 year medal 1919-49 bronze medal in original card box 60mm.£32.00
MA499FRANCE  ROYAL Louis XV (1715-1774). Silver medal, second marriage of the Dauphin with Marie-Josèphe de Saxe£85.00
MA500FRANCE 19th century silver engraved prize medal school Orthography penmanship / handwriting£25.00
MA501France or French Colonial silver engraved medal badge St Barthelemei 1845 Fevrier 1855 5e Commissaire£35.00
MA502City of London medal LMC -1813*1872 medal Bishop & St. Lawrence - silver? fob£35.00
MA503Denmark 1831 Friedrich VI (1808-1839). Silver medal education prize for Sunday School founded by N. H. Massmann. N.L. Reiersen£50.00
MA504Denmark charming 19th century poultry medal bronze with chicken, duck & turkey£20.00
MA505Denmark 19th century Agricultural bronze medal Viborg Jutland 1875 cow horse£20.00
MA506Denmark 19th century Agricultural bronze medal Nykøbing Falster  1872£20.00
MA507Denmark 19th century large Bronze Medal Anders Sandøe Ørsted- politician lawyer later Prime Minister£45.00
MA508Sweden - Malmo Industrial Exhibition 1896 large Aluminium medal by Lea Ahlborn 60mm£50.00
MA509Sport Cambridge University Football Association bronze medal 1884 Challenge Cup won by Clare College£40.00
MA510Rare Boer War German Prisoners in St. Helena shell card bronze medal - 1900 South Africa Kruger£425.00
MA511Scotland pair of school prize medals Anderson Education Institute - Lerwick, Shetland - silver & Bronze - Now Anderson High School£65.00
MA512Boer War 1900 South Africa silver medals Victoria with British Generals 2 small medals£40.00
MA513Algeria, Alger 1951 International Paediatric Congress medal / badge by Jean Vernon - Sponsor Roussel£20.00
MA514Splendid Brighton Grammar School gold plated silver medal 1890 for punctuality£65.00
MA515Christs Hospital School bronze Sport medal 1920 Athletics£14.00
MA516GB School of English Church Music bronze medal St. Nicholas 1927-1945£12.00
MA517Scotland, Edinburgh School Board silver medal, Warrender Park School 1894-5 to Margaret McVey£42.00
MA518Wolverhampton Industrial Exhibition 1902 Gilt pewter coin dish souvenir medal like£32.00
MA519Societe Marseillaise de Credit 100 year bronze medal 1865-1965 Banking - boy on dolphin, after Greek Tarentum stater£32.00
MA5201910 Eucharistic Congress Montreal, Canada silver plated bronze medal Mary, Last Supper£35.00
MA521Austria Vienna hallmarked silver Baptism medal dated 1817£145.00
MA522Italy College of St. Louis in Bologna school bronze merit medal£15.00
MA523Belgium 1850 Provincial Exhibition bronze medal by F de Hundt£40.00
MA524Belgium 1849 Flanders Exhibition bronze medal by J Leclercq£50.00
MA525South Africa Exhibition 1892 at Kimberley Gold plated bronze medal awarded to Morris Little & Son makers of sheep dip£75.00
MA526Australia 1920 All Australian Peace Exhibition Silver Medal to Reuben Laws for glass embossing£100.00
MA527EXPO 70 Osaka, Japan Exhibition silver medal 1970£30.00
MA528Italy gilt bronze medal International Work Exhibition Milan 1924 - B Calderoni Milan£60.00
MA529Latvia Riga Exhibition 1926 gilt bronze medal£24.00
MA530Netherlands 1869 Amsterdam Exhibition bronze Services medal£60.00
MA531Belgium Charleroi Exhibition 1911 bronze medal by A Bonnetain£35.00
MA532Spain, Barcelona 1929 International Exhibition silver medal by A. Parera.£115.00
MA5331924 Wembley Empire Exhibition medal advert for Gibbs toothpaste pewter souvenir£14.00
MA534Medal 1863 Marriage of Prince of Wales & Alexandra - pewter BHM 2777£14.00
MA535 British-American Ambulance Corps bronze gilt medal by Mario Korbel and Paul Manship - St. George & Dragon / American eagle£14.00
MA536Victor Hugo writer Centenary medal 1802-1902 silver portrait by Chaplain£45.00
MA537William Shakespeare pewter medal by Davis birthplace house 1847£35.00
MA538William Shakespeare pewter medal commemorative 300 years of birth 1864 BHM2804£40.00
MA539Newport Isle of Wight enamel badge presented at 1911 Coronation of George V given by the Mayor£45.00
MA540Germany Bayerische Handelsbank 50th anniversary medal Dr. Wilhelm Freiherr von Pechmann by H Hahn silver medal in box£65.00
MA541Czechoslovakia Death of President T.G. Masaryk large silver Medal 1937, by Španiel,£125.00
MA542France Art Deco medal plaque Rhinoceros - Paris mint restrike£55.00
MA543France Paris Colonial Exposition 1931 bronze medal by Hubert Robert - soldiers / globe£65.00
MA544France plated bronze medal by Jean Vernon -Fable of La Fontaine THE FROGS WHO ASK FOR A KING£10.00
MA545France Henry Dropsy silver medal - Art Deco - Union Syndicale De L'Industrie du Gaz en France - Pan£85.00
MA546France Henri Dropsy bronze medal - Art Deco - le Triomphe d'Amphitrite£75.00
MA547Scotland, Edinburgh School of Medicine silver prize medal 1878 for Midwifery & Diseases of Women & Children£75.00
MA548Clarks shoemaker advertising medal token bronze rare£10.00
MA549Plymouth opening of Burrator Reservoir 1898 pewter medal£10.00
MA550Germany 1908 cycling prize medal WRC Radlerhort - bronze medal with ribbon£25.00
MA551British India bronze medal prize - Agricultural & Horticultural Society of India 1930 to Mr R Grain£65.00
MA560Thames Tunnel Opened 1843 pewter medal by W Griffin£35.00
MA561Denmark bronze medal Hans Christian Ørsted 1777-1851 - Centenary of Electromagnetism medal 1920£32.00
MA562South Africa - Rand Poultry Club Annual Show silver prize medal 1909 for Best Norwich Canary£60.00
MA5631862 Crystal Palace Medal souvenir - White metal by G Dowler for International Exhibition£25.00
MA564India jubilee of George V 1911-35 Aluminium souvenir medal rev. Gateway of India£25.00
MA5651896 Amsterdam International Exhibition souvenir medal brass with sailing ship£25.00
MA566France 1900 silver medal struck at Paris Exposition by the Monnaie by A Patey - Art Nouveau£65.00
MA567France Prince Napoleon & Princess Clotilde brass medal 1859 marriage?£12.00
MA568King George and Queen Mary's Club - Peel House gilt bronze & enamel badge medal WW1 Overseas Forces Club£22.00
MA569Scotland medal Anderson's College: James Anderson Prize, 1796 awarded to Robert Payne - Junior Anatomy 1928-9£38.00
MA570GB Edward VIII abdication medal 1936 by John Pinches silver 35mm£75.00
MA571Gilt bronze 1887 Victoria Jubilee medal Warwick County Prize medal for rural schools£30.00
MA572Gilt pewter 1887 Jubilee of Victoria medal - Borough of Lewes - by J. Carter£30.00
MA573France 1931 Paris Colonial Exposition souvenir medal - America - gilt copper by L Bazor - with original card box£35.00
MA574George V silver Jubilee Aluminium medal Stornaway - Lewis, Hebrides, Scotland unrecorded£30.00
MA575London St. Stephens church North Bow jubilee 1857-1907 pewter souvenir medal£15.00
MA576Yorkshire medal Dewsbury Parish Sunday School Centenary 1783-1883 - silvered pewter 39.5mm£20.00
MA5771858 Victoria & Albert visit to Stoneleigh Abbey, Coventry, Royal Leamington Spa & Warwick Castle pewter medal£20.00
MA5781890 Opening of Forth Bridge by Prince of Wales medals in bronze & pewter BHM 3400£80.00
MA579GB Queen Anne satirical counter or medal with lady (Anne) propositioned by man (Louis XIV?)£30.00
MA5801894 Victoria opening Manchester Ship Canal pewter souvenir medal WE1787A£30.00
MA5811895 Dessau's Calendar medal - advertising for John Shaw share dealer, London£30.00
MA582Federacio Peruana de Box 27th Amateur Boxing Competition 1958 gilt & enamel medal - Boxing in Peru£15.00
MA583Germany, Saxony. Martin Luther 1830 silver Medal. 300th anniversary of Augsburg Confession.£40.00
MA584Switzerland Confederation Suisse Army Recruitment medal - brass covered card with Infantry ribbon£25.00
MA585France Army Recruitment medal - brass covered card - c. 1890-1900 period£15.00
MA586South Africa, Katberg Sanatorium - Pleasure Palace - Merit Cross brass 25.8mm£8.00
MB165France bronze medal honouring Dr Jacques Ramadier 1948 by Henri Dropsy£60.00
MB321Crimea War Battle of Inkermann 1854 pewter commemorative medal Britain & France against Russia£50.00
TA11218th century Token Middlesex D&H 923 London Essex & Norfolk Halfpenny lustre£55.00
TA113Jeton Alexander Emperor of Russia at the Peace of Paris 1814 Brass medal token British made£15.00