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MB94 token auction Emyr George Welsh collection

The sale closed on 30 September, with over 550 lots – download the text catalogue here. It was our first auction on this new website. Although there were a few admin hiccups (see below), all went well. Prices realised updated to 28 October can be downloaded here. Any unsolds (and there weren’t many) will be offered at a later date.

Prices overall were strong with lots of collector interest. However there were still a few bargains to be had! The section which performed best was probably the Shropshire tavern tokens. Emyr with Neil Todd and Andrew Cunningham wrote the original Shropshire tavern tokens. This we have learned is being updated and we look forward to reading that in due course.

Of course the Welsh pub tokens and the colliery lamp checks were much sought after. We were pleasantly surprised to see that all though weaker, many of the club and society tokens were sold. Some of these were certainly bargains. As many of you have commented, without Emyr bidding, the prices are certainly collectible again.

As to be expected there was a lot of rather hectic bidding towards the close of the auction. This led to a crash of our emails but it didn’t affect the bidding system. In the future we’ll try to keep to a smaller number of lots to make it easier for everyone and we’ll iron out glitches as we go along.

The next token auction will be at the beginning of December before Christmas we hope (15 December). We may need to reschedule because of lockdowns but will let you know via the newsletter and this site. This next auction will include tokens from other consignors so a much more mixed group for you to appreciate.