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CA117Nepal Token 16 paisa token coin brass KM 999£70.00
CA119Nepal Token 14 paisa iron coin undated KM 998£40.00
CA126India Assam Tea Garden Patrakola Estate in Sylhet token Pridmore 96£70.00
CA237UK Very worn Victorian "bun" penny countermarked 999 Telephone token emergency related?£15.00
CA238Roman silver Denarius Augustus Bust of Venus reverse Octavian£80.00
CA239Charles II Crown 1673 nVF£375.00
CA240England James II Crown 1688 F£190.00
CA241Britain William III Crown 1696 nVF£275.00
CA242William III crown (1696) nicely engraved MJ Janry 18 1754 - Love or Birth token£125.00
CA243Prussia 5 Marks 1913A crown size silver coin Wilhelm II£32.00
CA244Austria 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler I.C.F.A. Early 18th century Restrike£60.00
CA245Brazil silver 960 Reis 1821 countermarked R£80.00
CA247Morocco 10 Mazunas 1310AH bronze coin KM Y3£140.00
CA248Portuguese India, Diu 20 Bazarucos coin 1828 KM 58 zinc£90.00
MA-101Namibia South West Africa 75th anniversary of Swakopmund 1892-1967 silver medal£30.00
MA177France Visit of Francis I of Austria to Monnaie de Paris 1814 bronze medal£65.00
MA178GB 1904 Edward VII royal visit to Nottingham commemorative gilt medal£8.00
MA205Amalgamated Brassworkers medal token 1890 1st Secretary W J Davis (Numismatist)£30.00
MA250France shell card medal Felix Faure President 1895 visit to Marseilles in 1896£22.00
MB99322MB99322, Wales Pub Check, Monmouthshire, BLAINA, TILERS ARMS INN, WM. JONES rev. 6D Cox 1012£16.502021-06-13 12:00:002021-07-14 12:53:28
MB99481MB99481 Bath Theatre, brass ticket for the Gallery, Second Prices early 19th century£60.002021-06-13 12:00:002021-07-14 13:19:58
MB99483MB99483 Ticket for Liverpool Theatre Royal around P GAL Withers 3 70£75.002021-06-13 12:00:002021-07-14 13:20:18
MB99488MB99488, Theatrical 1804 medal portrait of actor celebrity William Henry West Betty BHM 561 £30.002021-06-13 12:00:002021-07-14 13:21:08
MB99519MB99519 Pub token, Wales, Glamorganshire, PONTYPRIDD, GRAPES INN, WILLIAM JONES  Cox 678£12.002021-06-13 12:00:002021-07-14 13:26:17
TA-102Namibia - German South West Africa - Luderitzbucht Pass numbered 4286 Token£95.00
TA11218th century Token Middlesex D&H 923 London Essex & Norfolk Halfpenny lustre£55.00
TA1123Pewter token or card counter depicts playing card King 19th century or earlier£25.00
TA113Jeton Alexander Emperor of Russia at the Peace of Paris 1814 Brass medal token British made£15.00
TA13418th century halfpenny Suffolk D&H 26 1/2d Bury St. Edmunds£32.00
TA145Luxemburg token jeton - Tannerie de Cuir Ideal S.A. Ideal Leather Tannery, Wiltz£25.00
TA152Isle of Man Half Penny Token 1830 For Public Accommodation£10.00
TA153France Jeton token 1814 Ville de Paris Grand Voirie- by Desnoyers - Road building£7.00
TA15717th Century Token farthing Berkshire 10 Abingdon William Stevenson Grocer farthing£12.00
TA158India Republic Hyderabad Mint canteen token Aluminium£35.00
TA159Panama, Osorio Finca de Cafe Token value 1/2£12.00
TA160Dominican Republic Consuelo Sugar Co. Token Aluminium£35.00
TA161Costa Rica Railway CR rev. 50 Centavos  CN 26.5mm. Rulau Sjs 42 Token£6.00
TA162Bahrain Cinema Co Complimentary token Manama Bahrain Aluminium 27.8mm. nVF 1960’s£10.00
TA163Scotland, Dundee, Samuel Lees 81 Overgate At The Sign Of The Drum Largest Fancy Emporium in Dundee 1/2D Token£10.00
TA164Farthing token Malton 1815 Esto Justus copper Withers 865 North Yorkshire£7.00
TA167Unusual Nurenburg Jeton 16th century£30.00
TA179India Post & Telephone Test Token c. 1960 Cu-Ni£15.00
TA182Province of Canada Bank of Montreal penny Token 1842£12.00
TA185France, Ville de Grenoble 1850 token Association Alimentaire Dessert token jeton Brass£12.00
TA188USA 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition Employee ID badge / pass£60.00
TA190British Guiana Stiver 1838 KM# Tn1 copper token£20.00
TA191St James's Club - London Crown Tavern Gt. Crown Court Claxton's - token£14.00
TA192Credit Lyonnais encased postage stamp token 5 cent green£15.00
TA193France Jeton, Comptoirs Albertins 10c Produits de 1me Choix Aluminium store token£25.00
TA195Model Crown coin bi-metallic plated brass made by Hyams 1848£28.00
TA197Nottingham Beechcroft & Son token Victoria 1862 farthing size£9.00
TA198Recovery of Prince of Wales celebrations at St Paul's cathedral 1872 farthing size medal, counter£4.00
TA201India Token Assam. Soldiers Club Shillong 4 Annas - WW2 period military£45.00
TA202India Token Assam. Soldiers Club Shillong 1 Anna - WW2 period military£35.00
TA203California 1849 Gold Rush brass token USA£35.00
TA204Canada Ottawa Bakery 1/2 token, AJ Dompierre£15.00
TA205Ireland Communion token GILFORD 1844£60.00
TA208Doncaster 1d Public Cocoa & Coffee House token Temperance£25.00
TA209Satirical jeton - Belgium, Brussels 1896 - man in moon - Jeton Cumontespan£25.00
TA210Sweden 1762 Great Copper Mining token 29mm. 6 ore value£25.00
TA211Royal Institution 1819 silver pass named Dr Maclagan - Surgeon in Penninsular War in charge of Portuguese Army Hospitals£125.00
TA213Hockley Heath Rising Sun Coffee House token Temperance penny£25.00
TA214Brass token I. H. Pitt 1 Shilling value stated check£6.00
TA215Northern Ireland Belfast 1D penny token voucher 1907 Wm. Ewart & Son Ld.£25.00
TA21618th c. Token coin Scotland Lanarkshire, Glasgow D&H Lanarkshire 2 proof finish£30.00
TA217Britain, Nelson 1812 halfpenny Withers 1590 British Naval Halfpenny£40.00
TA218Token coinage Somerset Bath Penny 1811 Withers 15a£15.00
TA219Ireland, Newtownards Thomas Fisher 2d rare token - kingfisher - 18th century£20.00
TA220F Toole & Co. Scotch Whiskey token, 97 Leadenhall St. London£20.00
TA221England 1897 Birkenhead New Ferry token / Annual Pass£45.00
TA222GB Countermarked 1797 penny, 1866 + coat of arms - 3 castles: Dublin or Newcastle upon Tyne£45.00
TA223South Africa - George Divisional Council - 1 Day token / pass numbered£100.00
TA224Work token Mozambique- Sena Sugar Estates Limited - Luabo (Hern 510A)£35.00
TA225Work Token Mozambique- Sena Sugar Estates Limited - Luabo (Hern 514A) 4 holes£35.00