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ImageSKUDescriptionPriceStart DateEnd DateBuy
CA1011Korea 1 Fun brass coin year 504 2 characters KM 1105£25.00
CA102JAPAN silver coin 1 Yen Meiji 3 (1870) gold plated and mounted as a broach - missing pin£75.00
CA117Nepal Token 16 paisa token coin brass KM 999£70.00
CA119Nepal Token 14 paisa iron coin undated KM 998£40.00
CA123Egypt base silver Qirsh 1223 year 23 KM 181 Misr mint£50.00
CA138Japan silver coin 10 Sen Meiji 24 KM23 1891£30.00
CA142Japan 5 Sen Meiji 10 KM22 silver coin£100.00
CA150Malacca under Portuguese 1634 silver Half Tanka coin£60.00
CA154Thailand Brass 1/2 Fuang coin Thin flan KM 4a£18.00
CA168China Republic Szechuan Sichuan 200 cash cut in half to make 100 cash£28.00
CA173Ancient China Bronze Coin Ban Liang Han Dynasty 175-119BC£6.00
CA198French Colonies 5 Centimes KM# 12 1843A Louis Philippe portrait£32.00
CA203China. Wu Shu coin, Hartill 10.3 - four corners reverse Han£18.00
CA204China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.440 year 4 (1198AD)£30.00
CA205China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Guangzong - Shao Xi Yuan bao AD 1190-94 Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.342 year 2 (1191AD)£18.00
CA206China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron cash.£18.00
CA211CHINA, XINJIANG, Xian Feng Zhong Bao, 1851-61,10 cash, H22.1105, Urumqi mint£24.00
CA213China Kuangtung 20 cent year 10 Guangdong 1921 silver coin£10.00
CA215Ancient India Taxila copper unit lion / elephant c. 150BC£28.00
CA217China Xinjiang Ushi mint copper cash Qian Long Hartill 22.433£18.00
CA218China Ming Dynasty Chong Zhen Tong Bao brass cash Hartill 20.293£8.00
ca224India Edward VII 1910 Bombay Mint 1/2 Rupee silver£60.00
ca225East India Company 1835 Quarter Anna coin Copper Madras Mint£20.00
ca230Turkey 20 Para coin 1327H Year 4 Nickel KM 761 - officially cancelled£25.00
CA233India-Princely States KUTCH 5 Kori Y# 53a 1935 VS1991 silver coin£24.00
CA234India-Princely States KUTCH 2-1/2 Kori 1937 VS1993 Y# 74£18.00
CA235Egypt silver 5 Qirsh 1277 year 4 KM 253.1£70.00
CA245Brazil silver 960 Reis 1821 countermarked R£80.00
CA247Morocco 10 Mazunas 1310AH bronze coin KM Y3£140.00
CA248Portuguese India, Diu 20 Bazarucos coin 1828 KM 58 zinc£90.00
CA260Medieval Ceylon copper coin Kings of Kandy Parakrama Bahu II 1236-1271, Kahavanu copper coin£14.00
CA261Medieval Ceylon copper coin Kings of Kandy Vijaya Bahu IV 1271-73AD, Kahavanu, Massa£14.00
CA262Medieval Ceylon copper coin Kings of Kandy Queen Lilavati (reigned 1197–1200, 1209–1210, and 1211–1212) & Kahavanu Massa£14.00
CA263Medieval Ceylon copper coin Kings of Kandy Sahasa Malla 1200-1202AD Kahavanu Massa£14.00
CA265South America Venezuela Imitation Lima 2 Reales coin 182 ML LM holed£245.00
MA135US 1/2 Dollar engraved S John's Sunday School Lowell Mass. John H Coggleshall Easter 1871£155.00
MA1561-2Tobago stampee struck over crowned C - West Indies 2 island countermarks£120.00