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Greek, Roman, Indian, China and Asia

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CA158Rome Republic coin Bronze Anonymous Semuncia, 217-15BC. Head of Mercury wearing petasos hat / galley prow ROMA£25.00
CA173Ancient China Bronze Coin Ban Liang Han Dynasty 175-119BC£6.00
CA181Ancient Greece, Cilicia, Tarsos, 3/4 obol Baal seated rev foreparts of wolf silver coin£25.00
CA187Ancient Greece, Mysia, Pergamon silver Diobol coin with Hercules reverse cult statue of Athena£32.00
CA189Ancient bronze coin Roman Provincial Germanicus and Augustus 17mm. 4.03g. in Greek£50.00
CA193Ancient Spain bronze coin Hispania Citerior Castulo 201-154BC Sphinx£18.00
CA197Ancient Roman bronze AE2 coin of Arcadius, reverse Gloria Romanorum 4th century£20.00
CA203China. Wu Shu coin, Hartill 10.3 - four corners reverse Han£18.00
CA204China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.440 year 4 (1198AD)£30.00
CA205China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Guangzong - Shao Xi Yuan bao AD 1190-94 Iron 2 cash. Hartill 17.342 year 2 (1191AD)£18.00
CA206China, Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Ning Zong, AD 1195-1224. Qing yuan Tong bao Iron cash.£18.00
CA218China Ming Dynasty Chong Zhen Tong Bao brass cash Hartill 20.293£8.00
CA220Roman coin Gallienus Antoninianus rev. IOVI CONS AVG goat£15.00
ca228Roman Denarius silver coin Septimus Severus 193-211AD Parthian captives£55.00
CA231Ancient Greece, Sicily, Syracuse, Bronze coin from time of Pyrrhos£65.00
CA238Roman silver Denarius Augustus Bust of Venus reverse Octavian£80.00
CA249Roman Republic C. Renius (138 BC). silver denarius£70.00
CA250Roman Republic silver coin L Flaminius Chilo Denarius 109-108BC£45.00
CA251Roman Republic C. Egnatuleius silver Quinarius (97 BC), Gens Egnatuleia£45.00
CA252Roman Empire, Trajan 98-117AD silver denarius Cos VI Felicitas made in Rome 116AD£32.00
CA253Roman Empire, Vespasian Silver Denarius 69-79AD Pax Rome RIC 772£40.00
CA254Roman Empire, Herennius Etruscus, Rome silver Antoninianus 23mm 3.51g£55.00
CA255Roman Empire, Severus Alexander Denarius - Mars standing£30.00
CA256Ancient Greece Lokris, Lokroi Opuntii, silver Tri-obol 338 BC - 316 BC£60.00
CA257Ancient Roman AE3 Jovian 363 - 364 AD Hereclea mint - Vot V in wreath type£30.00
CA258Roman Empire, base silver coin Antoninianus Quintillus 270AD Laetitia£15.00
CA259Roman Empire coin Aelia Flaccilla Follis Antioch Victory AE4£20.00
CA264Ancient NABATAEA. Rabbel II, with Shuqailat II. AD 70/1-105/6. SilverĀ  Sela' or Drachm£120.00
CA266Jewish Revolt copper Prutah coin vine leaf / amphora Hendin 661£25.00