1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Official Silver Medal, HK-353,


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1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exhibition  Official Medal, Seattle Silver 32mm.  Reference:  So-Called Dollars by Harold E. Hibler and Charles V. Kappen  HK-353, see below.   Silver 32mm.

Obv. Three female figures; below is bust l. within small oval; above bust around, but within oval, W. H. Seward; above all, around Alaska • Yukon • Pacific • Exposition (This was Official Seal of Exposition).

Rev. City seal in center circle; outside, around The Seal of the City of Seattle; below • 1909 • 

W. H. Seward  was the American official who negotiated with the Russians in order to purchase Alaska.

ALASKA-YUKON-PACIFIC EXPOSITION       1909       SEATTLE, WA    “To Prove to…world…enormous value of Alaska to United States and…greatness of its entry port, Seattle”; to exhibit “…development, resources, products and advantages” of State of Washington.

Organization: City businessmen formed association 1906; visited Orient, securing cooperation there. Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Commission created by 1907 Legislature to work with Exposition Co., chartered 1906; $1,000,000 stock of latter sold in one day. City, county, state and University of Washington granted total of $2,500,000; Congress $600,000.

Site: Almost 200 acres in northeast Seattle, bordering Lakes Union and Washington; grounds now part of University of Washington campus.

Dates, Attendance: June 1 to Oct. 16, 1909. Attendance 3,750,000; about 2,000,000 paid.

Participants: California, Utah and Washington erected own Buildings as did British Columbia, China, Hawaii, Japan and Yukon Territory. Additional states and few more foreign countries represented on more limited basis. Federal displays included Mint Exhibit.            

Comment: Exposition “built on economic base far more uncertain than any…since”; emphasized agriculture, fisheries, forestry and mining. Population then fewer than 100,000 but tripled overnight. Entire Pacific Northwest benefited substantially in fashion that was “immediate…and far reaching.

Medals: Official Medals struck in Mint Exhibit on grounds; sold by concessionaire Joseph Mayer & Brother, Seattle; Silver for $1; Bronze, Copper and Gilt for 25 cents.

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