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Cast bronze portrait medal of John Lemoinne by Juliette Dubufe France 19th c.


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This is a bronze cast portrait medal of John Lemoinne by Juliette Dubufe, France.

John Lemoinne, 1815-92, was a French journalist and politician, active from 1840 specialising in Anglo-French matters.

Juliette Dubufe 1822-1855  was a French sculptor.  She was the daughter of Joseph Guillaume Zimmerman, a musician.

She married Édouard-Louis Dubufe  in 1842 and had two children (the son was a good painter), but she died in childbirth in 1855.

I have only traced two medal portraits that she made, of which one was dated 1846, but very similar in style.

150mm. in diameter, fine cast with founder’s mark on back.