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Books, directories and catalogues for Wales token research

Directory - Monmouthshire & South Wales - Kelly's 1891

Our library is an essential working tool; we’d be lost without it. Along with all the tokens from Emyr George, a van load of books and well used directories landed in our hallway before Christmas, for sale and passing on to other collectors.

You will find a number of reference books for tokens in the current MB97 token auction, closing on 17 March. Search on Books or catalogues. Most concentrate on specific series, e.g. unofficial farthings, tokens from a certain county or indeed the Cox brothers books on the exonumia and tokens of Wales.

At present, we have put all the directories, Kelly’s, Slater, Bennett, from 19th and early 20th centuries online in the fixed price section. They’re really useful when trying to identify tokens. You have the names of licensees of the pubs, shop owners, manufacturers. Many have with advertisements with extra information. They were heavily used when researching the Welsh and Shropshire pub checks. But there’s still work to be done, especially for the tokens and checks for industries.

The prices for these directories are roughly what Emyr paid for them about 20 years or more ago. Postage is extra but we’ll be as cost effective as we can and adjust the invoices.

More books from Emyr’s library, mostly in excellent condition, will be added to the next token and medal auctions. Prices will start low – we’d like to see our hallway free of boxes sometime soonish! It’s a great opportunity to add to your own library or for a beginner to start one and read round the subject.