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MB95001MB95001 Martin Folkes antiquarian by J A Dassier, bronze medal 1711Current bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:01:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95002MB95002 Society of Arts Isis Medal white metalStarting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:01:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95003MB95003 Miles Distant from London pewter medal 1824 by OttleyCurrent bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:01:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95004MB95004 Chronology of the Reigns of England medal by Ottley 1838Current bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:02:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95005MB95005 National Anti Corn Law League 1845 medalletCurrent bid: £13.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:02:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95006MB95006 Jenny Lind singer First appearance in London 1847 portrait medal by Allen & MooreCurrent bid: £55.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:02:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95007MB95007 GB, The Queen Prince Albert and Britain’s Hope brass medal box by Allen & Moore 1850Current bid: £85.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:02:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95008MB95008 GB Crystal Palace 1851 Great Exhibition, Prince Albert souvenir medal by OttleyCurrent bid: £29.332020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:03:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95009MB95009 GB Manchester Bennett Street St. Pauls Sunday School 50th anniversary jubilee medal.Current bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:03:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95010MB95010 Students Prize medal Department of Science and Art, 1853.Current bid: £63.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:03:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95011MB95011 GB Boxed medal, Crystal Palace exhibition Sydenham by Pinches in Pinches & Co Box MedalCurrent bid: £135.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:03:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals toy-money-coins tokens
MB95012MB95012 GB, George Frederick Handel composer Centenary Celebrations bronze medalStarting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:04:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95013MB95013 GB, Boxed medal Prince Albert. Exhibition building opened 1862 by G DowlerCurrent bid: £46.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:04:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals toy-money-coins tokens
MB95014MB95014 GB Windsor Castle Box with 8 small medals by Joseph MooreCurrent bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:04:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals toy-money-coins tokens
MB95015MB95015 GB International Exhibition 1862 souvenir medal, stamped in the building by UhlhornCurrent bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:04:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95016MB95016 GB Burnley & District Hospital silver medal for the laying of the foundation stone 1884.Current bid: £55.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:05:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95017MB95017 GB Oldswinford Hospital Worcestershire bi-centenary commemorative medal, 1867.Current bid: £12.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:05:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95018MB95018 GB/Australia The Tichborne Claimant medal, brass medallet 1871Starting bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:05:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95019MB95019 GB Middleton Agricultural Society gilt silver medal 1873, LancashireCurrent bid: £125.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:05:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95020MB95020 GB National Pig Breeders Association silver prize medal.Current bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:06:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95021MB95021 GB The Royal Albert Orphan Asylum long service award 15 carat gold and coloured enamelsStarting bid: £500.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:06:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95022MB95022 GB Colonial and Indian Exhibition London 1886 bronze medalCurrent bid: £37.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:06:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95023MB95023 GB Penny Black portrait silver medal of Queen Victoria’s visit to the Corporation of the City of London 9th Nov 1837.Current bid: £410.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:06:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95024MB95024 GB Newcastle upon Tyne bronze medal for exhibition of Arts Manufacture and Science 1840.Current bid: £27.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:07:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95025MB95025 GB Bronze medal of the actor Henry Irving, 1891 by J Rochelle ThomasStarting bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:07:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95026MB95026 Scotland Silver prize medal General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland “Welfare of Youth” 1894.Current bid: £100.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:07:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95027MB95027 Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA Jubilee 6 June 1894 superb silver medalStarting bid: £250.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:07:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95028MB95028 GB Commemorative medal of a visit to the Blackwall Tunnel Whitsuntide 1896Current bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:08:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95029MB95029 GB Plymouth Burrator Reservoir completed bronze medal 1898.Current bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:08:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95030MB95030 GB Nelson Centenary Battle of Trafalgar 1805-1905 commemorative medalCurrent bid: £9.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:08:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95031MB95031 GB 700th anniversary of the Foundation of Liverpool bronze medal by C J Allen, 1207-1907.Current bid: £80.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:08:45art-medals auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95032MB95032 GB Royal Counties Agricultural Society large bronze prize medal.Starting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:09:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95033MB95033 GB Coronation of Edward VII and Alexandra 1902 bronze medal by George Frampton.Current bid: £49.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:09:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95034MB95034 GB Federation of Working Men’s Social Clubs silver prize medal for Whist 1902.Starting bid: £35.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:09:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95035MB95035 GB Nelson Centenary Battle of Trafalgar 1805-1905 tiny commemorative medalCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:09:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95036MB95036 GB Coronation of George V and Mary 1911 medal by the makers of Elect CocoaStarting bid: £5.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:10:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95037MB95037 GB Merchant Tailors School Liverpool silver prize medal.Starting bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:10:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95038MB95038 GB Silver music prize medal with harpist, awarded in Gibraltar January 1914.Current bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:10:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95039MB95039 GB WW1 Battle of Jutland May 31 1916 commemorative medal in glazed gutta percha frameCurrent bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:10:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95040MB95040 GB John Gilchrist Educational Trust bronze prize medal awarded 1916 University of LondonCurrent bid: £80.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:11:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95041MB95041 GB medal to commemorate the Signing of Peace, The Great European War 1914-1919Current bid: £102.552020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:11:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95042MB95042 GB, The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers, alias Wire Workers, silver Livery medalStarting bid: £125.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:11:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95043MB95043 GB The Hogg Memorial Medal silver prize for fruit growing 1924.Current bid: £55.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:11:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95044MB95044 GB The Nation’s Food Exhibition bronze medal 1925 Olympia LondonStarting bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:12:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95045MB95045 GB Scouting, Birmingham & District Association of Boy Scouts silvered bronze prize medalCurrent bid: £49.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:12:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95046MB95046 GB Bronze medal General Hospital Wolverhampton Good Samaritan medal 1923.Current bid: £12.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:12:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95047MB95047 GB Amateur Gardening silver prize medal 1937 for merit in Horticulture.Current bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:12:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95048MB95048 GB Centenary of the Opening of the London & Birmingham Railway 1838-1938 bronze medal,Current bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:13:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95049MB95049 GB Sloan Duployan Shorthand Society silver prize medal 1944Starting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:13:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95050MB95050 GB Victory Year Medal World War 1939-1945 The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers,Current bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:13:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95051MB95051 GB Bath & West & Southern Counties Society Champion Medal bronze for brewing.Current bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:13:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95052MB95052 GB Churchill 1874-1965 by Affer, silver medal limited editionStarting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:14:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95053MB95053 GB Israel Middle East, 50th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, 1917-1967 bronze medalStarting bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:14:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95054MB95054 GB, Charles Dickens Centenary 1870-1970 silver commemorative medal by Paul VinczeStarting bid: £100.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:14:30auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95055MB95055 GB The Queen’s Award to Industry 1973 by Louis Osman, to Royal MintCurrent bid: £105.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:14:45auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95056MB95056 The Salford painter L S Lowry by Solomon bronze plaque medalStarting bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:15:00art-medals auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95057MB95057 International Labour Organisation 60th anniversary bronze commemorative medal 1979Starting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:15:15auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95058MB95058 Bronze medal portrait of Jules Verne given to Captain George M Tullis R.N. of HMS Phoebe 17 December 1979Starting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:15:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95059MB95059 Dylan Thomas cast bronze medal by Jonah Jones, cast bronze medal for BAMS 1985Starting bid: £250.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:15:45auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95060MB95060 GB Karl Marx commemorative medal of centenary of his death 1983Current bid: £40.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:16:00auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95061MB95061 GB, William & Mary Glorious Revolution Tercentenary 1688-1988 commemorative medalCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:16:15auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95062.MB95062 GB Prisoner of Conscience by Ian Rank-Broadley, 1989, cast bronze medal for BAMSCurrent bid: £250.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:16:30auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95063MB95063 GB Mimics by Nicola Moss, bronze cast art medal 1989.Current bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:16:45auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95064MB95064 GB Homage to Collectors art medal by John Lobban for BAMSCurrent bid: £173.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:17:00auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95065MB95065 GB/Hungary Eastern Europe by Eniko Szollossy, 1991 cast bronze for BAMSStarting bid: £100.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:17:15auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95066MB95066 GB/Australia The Parma medal by Malcolm Appleby for BAMS. cast bronze 1991Starting bid: £120.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:17:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95067MB95067 GB William Morris by Cecilia Yau, bronze folding hinged medal, for BAMSCurrent bid: £100.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:17:45auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95068MB95068 GB House of Trees by Nicola Moss cast bronze medalCurrent bid: £44.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:18:00auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95069MB95069 GB Perspective Illusions Cube I by Kate Harrison, abstract bronze art medalCurrent bid: £90.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:18:15art-medals auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95070MB95070 Friends of Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery 75th anniversary cast bronze medal 2006Starting bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:18:30auction british-modern-medals contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95071MB95071 George IV by Barre bronze medal restrikeCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:18:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95072MB95072 Latin American Dance silver prize medalCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:19:00auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95073MB95073 National Dahlia Society medals 2 piecesStarting bid: £6.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:19:15auction british-modern-medals medals
MB95074MB95074 Bronze prize medal of the Duke of Cambridge’s Own 4th Battalion Middlesex RegimentStarting bid: £8.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:19:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95075MB95075 GB/France, Alexander Fleming Nobel Prize 1945 bronze commemorative medal,Current bid: £12.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:19:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95076MB95076 WW1 The Netherlands Section of the League of Neutral Countries bronze life saving medal to English sailorsCurrent bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:20:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95077MB95077 GB/Netherlands, bronze medal 3rd International Jewellers Congress, London 1930Current bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:20:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95078MB95078 GB/Netherlands George Stephenson 150th anniversary 1781-1931 by van Goor, maker BegeerCurrent bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:20:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95079MB95079 GB/Russia, Shakespeare (1565-1615) English playwright, commemorative medalCurrent bid: £16.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:20:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95080MB95080 GB - Scotland, William Harvey, 1578-1657, bronze portrait medal of the physician and doctor,Current bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:21:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95081MB95081 Argentina, bronze medal Comedores Infantiles Canteens for children 1925.Starting bid: £12.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:21:15auction medals world-medals
MB95082MB95082 Belgium Large silver medal Hotel Communal de Schaerbeek inaugurated 21 July 1887.Starting bid: £90.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:21:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95083MB95083 Belgium, Chambre Syndicale de l’Automobile de Belgique bronze medal by Charles SamuelStarting bid: £35.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:21:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95084MB95084 Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) bronze medal Prag Deutscher Theaterverein PragueStarting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:22:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95085MB95085 Denmark, Numismatisk Forening Numismatic Society 50th anniversary jubilee 1885-1935 2 medals iCurrent bid: £71.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:22:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95086MB95086 Finland, FIDEM Helsinki 1990, two-part bronze medal by Kauko RasanenCurrent bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:22:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95087MB95087 France, Louis XIIII as young man, by Warin silver medal restrikeCurrent bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:22:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95088MB95088 France Lorraine, Duke Theobald and Duchess Gertrude of Dagsburg bronze medal.Current bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:23:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95089MB95089 France, The Captive Greeks at Syracuse by Emile Louis Picault. 1863 bronze medallionStarting bid: £100.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:23:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95090MB95090 France, Coquelin Cadet actor as Crispin by Jean-Michel Cazin, rare fine cast bronzeStarting bid: £175.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:23:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95091MB95091 France, Archeologie by S E Vernier, c. 1902 bronze plaquetteCurrent bid: £145.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:23:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95092MB95092 France, La Musique prize medal silvered bronze by RasumnyStarting bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:24:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95093MB95093 France, bronze plaquette medal given by Paris Centre, c. 1900.Starting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:24:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95094MB95094 France, bronze medal for 150th anniversary of Gros Roman, WesserlingStarting bid: £40.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:24:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95095MB95095 France, Exposition Nationale a Strasbourg 1919 gilt bronze medal for exhibition participationCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:24:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95096MB95096 France Republique Francaise Senat by Leon Deschamps silver medal 1921Starting bid: £125.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:25:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95097MB95097 France prize medal given by the Soc. Francaise de PhotographieStarting bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:25:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95098MB95098 France/Morocco, Marechal Lyautey 1912-1925 - Pacification du Maroc bronze medalCurrent bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:25:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals world-medals
MB95099MB95099 France silvered bronze medal of aviator, Jacques Schneider by Szirmai.Starting bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:25:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95100MB95100 France, Aviation bronze medal by Armand Bargas, c. 1920s. Art DecoCurrent bid: £32.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:26:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95101MB95101 France, Aviation silvered bronze Art Deco medal Vincennes 5eme Fete Aerienne 1928.Current bid: £200.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:26:15art-medals auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95102MB95102 France, Silvered bronze Art Deco medal Aviation by Georges Contaux for DragoCurrent bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:26:30art-medals auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95103MB95103 France, Bronze Art Deco sports medal commemorative issued by L’Auto-Velo and L’Auto journals 1930Starting bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:26:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95104MB95104 France, Danse Classique bronze medal by M Tobon Mejia, 1934Current bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:27:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95105MB95105 France, Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques, Paris 1937 brass box medal with photosCurrent bid: £53.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:27:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95106MB95106 France, Federation Francaise des Sports Aeriens aviation prize medal.Starting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:27:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95107MB95107 France, bronze medal of the Romantic novelist, Stendhal by Baudichon 1944.Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:27:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95108MB95108 France, Alliance Francaise prize medal, by Henri Dropsy 1945Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:28:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95109MB95109 France, Andre Gide, writer 1869-1951 by Annette Landry high relief bronze medal.Current bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:28:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95110MB95110 France SNCF Electrification to the east of Paris, June 1962 bronze medalCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:28:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95111MB95111 France, SNCF Electrification of the railway between Le Mans and Rennes 1965 bronze medalCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:28:45auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95112MB95112 France/GB/Ireland Bernard Shaw, writer and playwright portrait bronze medalStarting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:29:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95113MB95113 France, Traits (Features) by Renee Vautier, abstract gilt and coloured enamelling art medalStarting bid: £150.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:29:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95114MB95114 France, Etienne Maurice Falconet 1716-1791 portrait medal with statue of Peter the GreatStarting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:29:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95115MB95115 France, Jacques Maritain, human rights philosopher, pewter medal by ChauvenetCurrent bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:29:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95116MB95116 France/Cambodia, Angkor by Henri Adam cast bronze medal 1968Current bid: £40.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:30:00auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95117MB95117 France DADA Tristan Tzara by Andre-Henri Torcheux copper medal 1968Starting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:30:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95118MB95118 France, Montesquieu, politician, satirist and writer by Georges Lay, large bronze portrait medal 1969.Current bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:30:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95119MB95119 France, large pewter art medal Les Couperin composers & organists by Andre Belot (Belo) 1969Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:30:45auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95120MB95120 France, Silvered copper medal Naissance des Mutations by Henri-Georges Adam 1969Starting bid: £100.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:31:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95121MB95121 France, Large bronze medal Europe by Demetre Anastase 1969.Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:31:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95122MB95122 France, Henri Rochefort 1830-1913 portrait medal of the right-wing journalistStarting bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:31:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95123MB95123 France cast bronze medal Beethoven 200th centenary of his birth by Revol 1970Current bid: £55.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:31:45auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95124MB95124 France, bronze medal of Chaim Soutine 1894-1943, Russian Expressionist painter by Leopold KretzStarting bid: £40.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:32:00auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95125MB95125 France, Saint Michel Gardien de la Terre by Roger Courroy cast bronze medal 1972,Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:32:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95126MB95126 France, Large silver art medal Les Amours de Jupiter 3 Danae by Robert Couturier 1972.Current bid: £400.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:32:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95127MB95127 France/Martinique, Rene Maram 1887-1960, black French colonial administrator bronze commemorativeCurrent bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:32:45auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95128MB95128 France, La Lumiere d’En Haut The Light from Above by Emile Gilioli 1968 bronze medalStarting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:33:00auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95129MB95129 GB/France, Large bronze medal Beau Brummell - The Regency Dandy by Despierre 1972.Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:33:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95130MB95130 France, Large cast bronze plaque Les Artichauts, Artichokes by Dinah Pickard-Relange 1972.Current bid: £210.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:33:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95131MB95131 France/USA Louis Armstrong, jazz musician portrait medal 1963Current bid: £40.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:33:45auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals world-medals
MB95132MB95132 France, bronze medal Paracelsus Swiss medical pioneer, alchemist,Starting bid: £12.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:34:00auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95133MB95133 Tricentenaire revocation édit de Nantes (1685-1985) commemorative medal by J.C. Ammann,Starting bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:34:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95134MB95134 France, J S Bach, composer, art medal by P Lovy 1985Starting bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:34:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95135MB95135 France, Chas Laborde, French caricaturist and writer 1886-1941 silver medalStarting bid: £200.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:34:45auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95136MB95136 France/Japan printmaker artist Kiyoshi Hasegawa by O Tison Michel, portrait medalCurrent bid: £55.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:35:00auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals world-medals
MB95137MB95137 France, Medaille de Mariage - Wedding medal, bronze by Emile Bouneau 1972Current bid: £27.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:35:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95138MB95138 France, Ce que disent les murs - What walls tell us by Georges Lay 1972Current bid: £200.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:35:30art-medals auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95139MB95139 France, Bronze medal portrait of Hubert Yencesse, medallist by Lanvin 1971Current bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:35:45art-medals auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95140MB95140 France, Commemorative bronze medal Napoleon I and the Battle of CraonneCurrent bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:36:00auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95141MB95141 France NZ Water from the Elements series art bronze medal by Marian FountainCurrent bid: £150.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:36:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95142MB95142 France/GB 1990 Eurotunnel construction 1st breakthrough commemorative bronze medalCurrent bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:36:30auction british-modern-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95143MB95143 France/New Zealand, Marian Fountain"s bronze Médaille du Millennium 2000Current bid: £57.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:36:45auction contemporary-art-medals medals
MB95144MB95144 Germany, Commemorative bronze medal for the Battle of Loigny issued by Hamburg, 1910.Current bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:37:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95145MB95145 Germany, Horse Breeding Bloodstock silvered bronze prize medal 1923Starting bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:37:15auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95146MB95146 Germany Zur Justiz (Justice) by Bernd Gobl 1995 art medalStarting bid: £300.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:37:30art-medals auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95147MB95147 Greece, White Tower of Thessaloniki (Salonika) by Huguenin, silver medalCurrent bid: £42.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:37:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95148MB95148 Hungary, Energie by Beck bronze cast Belle Epoque medal c.1900Starting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:38:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95149MB95149 Hungary, Hippocrates, the father of medicine cast bronze medal by KvtasCurrent bid: £40.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:38:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95150MB95150 Indian Orthopaedic Association commemorative medal, Silver Jubilee Conference Bombay 1980Current bid: £35.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:38:30auction medals world-medals
MB95151MB95151 India, Asian Development Bank medal for ADB Annual Meeting New Delhi India 1990Current bid: £55.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:38:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals world-medals
MB95152MB95152 Italy, Banca Populare di Cremona commemorative medal pewter, 1907.Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:39:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95153MB95153 Italy, medal IV Conferenza Nazionale degli Istituti CulturaleCurrent bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:39:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95154MB95154 Jamaica medal for Jubilee of the Baptist Mission & opening of new building Suffield School,Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:39:30auction medals world-medals
MB95155MB95155 Mozart composer, portrait bronze medal by TelcStarting bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:39:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95156MB95156 Netherlands, Onderdrukking en Verzet (Oppression and Resistance) by Ludwig Oswald Wenckebach Series of 6 piecesCurrent bid: £450.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:40:00art-medals auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95158MB95158 Netherlands Per Divinum Inflatum medal VPK series 2009Current bid: £75.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:40:30auction contemporary-art-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95159MB95159 Poland bronze medal of composer Frederick Chopin, with his facsimile signature.Starting bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:40:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95160MB95160 Russia/Iran, small medal jeton for the Congress on Iranian Art and Archeology, Hermitage Museum,Current bid: £70.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:41:00auction europe-medals-medailles medals world-medals
MB95161MB95161 Scandinavia 4 bronze medals Baltic Sea series by Nils Aas 1976 for Anders Nyborg.Starting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:41:15auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95162MB95162 Slovakia (Czechoslovakia), Bratislava bronze medal cityscapeCurrent bid: £20.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:41:30auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95163MB95163 Sweden Life saving medal plaqueStarting bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:41:45auction europe-medals-medailles medals
MB95164MB95164 Turkey Seven Hills, Seven Windows, Seven Flowers bronze medal 1985Current bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:42:00auction medals world-medals
MB95165MB95165 USA General Motors 50 million cars Pontiac commemorative bronze medal 1954Current bid: £60.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:42:15auction medals world-medals
MB95166MB95166 USA General Motors 50 million cars commemorative bronze medal racing car symbolStarting bid: £30.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:42:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95167MB95167 USA Aviation pure silver commemorative medal of Wilbur and Orville WrightCurrent bid: £34.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:42:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95168MB95168 USA Smithsonian Institution medal for the Bicentennial of its founding donor 1965.Current bid: £50.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:43:00auction medals world-medals
MB95169MB95169 USA, Federal Hall National Memorial, First Capitol of Our Country bronze medalStarting bid: £15.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:43:15auction medals world-medals
MB95170MB95170 Scotland/ USA John Hunter (1728-1793) founder of scientific surgery medal by Abram Belski (1970)Current bid: £18.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:43:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95172MB95172 Wales, Early silver engraved prize medal 1835 Cymmrodorion Merthyr Tudfil peacockCurrent bid: £170.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:44:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95173MB95173 Wales, Early silver engraved prize medal 1845 Cymreigyddion y Fenni Abergavenny 1845Starting bid: £150.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:44:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95174MB95174 Wales Glamorgan, Silver commemorative medal issued by Francis Crawshay of Hirwain Ironworks 1847Starting bid: £70.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:44:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95175MB95175 Wales The National Eisteddfod silver prize medal given at Mold 1873Current bid: £25.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:44:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95176MB95176 Wales Past Chairman Pontypridd Council coloured enamel on named silver medalCurrent bid: £19.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:45:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95177MB95177 Wales, School prize medal for Two years Perfect Attendance Montgomeryshire Education authorityCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:45:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95178MB95178 Wales, Cardiganshire, Coronation of King George V and Mary souvenir medal 1911Current bid: £10.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:45:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95179MB95179 Wales, George V & Mary Silver Jubilee medal, Borough of Pembrokeshire Celebrations 6th May 1935Starting bid: £8.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:45:45auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95180MB95180 Wales, Bryn Mawr Horse Show Association Inc, bronze medalCurrent bid: £7.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:46:00auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95181MB95181 Wales British Friesian Cattle Society medal for attention to a prize winning recorded herdStarting bid: £5.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:46:15auction british-historical-commemorative-medals medals
MB95182MB95182 European bronze medal 50th anniversary 1888-1938 military symbolism Art DecoCurrent bid: £21.002020-11-01 15:00:002020-11-26 12:46:30auction british-historical-commemorative-medals europe-medals-medailles medals
MB96001MB96001 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Bank Land Colliery 1760, Finlay 44Starting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:00:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96002MB96002 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Seatton Colliery rev. B M & Co Finlay 53 mid 19th centuryStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:00:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96003MB96003 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Graysouthen Colliery, Finlay 56Starting bid: £40.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:00:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96004MB96004 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Graysouthen Colliery, Finlay 56Starting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:00:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96005MB96005 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Graysouthen Colliery, Harris & Fawcett Finlay 62 VFStarting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:00:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96006MB96006 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Graysouthen Colliery, Harris & Fawcett Finlay 62 FStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:00:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96007MB96007 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Graysouthen Colliery, See Finlay 64 Used as a tallyStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:01:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96008MB96008 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Clifton 1735, Finlay 66Starting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:01:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96009MB96009 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Clifton 1735, with countermarks Finlay 67Starting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:01:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96010MB96010 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Clifton 1735, Finlay 70 Arms of Salkeld of WhitehallStarting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:01:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96011MB96011 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Broughton Colliery 1755 Finlay 76Starting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:01:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96012MB96012 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Broughton Colliery, I & T Walker 1854 Finlay 80 winding gearStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:01:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96013MB96013 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Broughton Colliery, Ross & Fletcher & Co Finlay 81Starting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:02:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96014MB96014 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Broughton Moor Colliery Finlay 82,Starting bid: £35.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:02:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96015MB96015 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Broughton Moor Colliery Ross Fletcher Finlay 83Starting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:02:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96016MB96016 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Flimby Colliery Company, railway steam engine pulling wagons Finlay 85Starting bid: £50.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:02:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96017MB96017 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Maryport, Senhouse Colliery, parrot crest (popinjay) AE Finlay 86Current bid: £60.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:02:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96018MB96018 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Unerigg (Ewanrigg) Colliery, Arms of the owner Ewan Christian. EC cypher 1750 Finlay 89Starting bid: £60.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:02:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96019MB96019 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Ewanrigg Colliery ship A.W. Hillary Esq. Finlay 91Starting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:03:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96020MB96020 Cumbria, Early Mining Token, Dearham Colliery, J.Paitson beehive Finlay 95Starting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:03:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96021MB96021 Scotland Early Mining Token, Riccarton 1810 4 Loads J.N.B., DW 126 squareStarting bid: £80.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:03:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96022MB96022, Scotland Early Mining Token, Riccarton 1810 4 Loads J.N.B., DW 126Starting bid: £80.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:03:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96023MB96023, Scotland Early Mining Token, Riccarton 1 Blind Coal, DW 127Starting bid: £80.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:03:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96024MB96024, Scotland Early Mining Token, Sourlie Shipping 1821Starting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:03:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96025MB96025, Scotland Early Mining Token, Treesbanks, G. Cambell, 4 LoadsStarting bid: £60.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:04:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96026MB96026, Scotland Early Mining Token, Warrix Coalrie 1811 shipStarting bid: £120.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:04:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96027MB96027, Scotland Early Mining Token, Westthorn Colliery 1822, Hire Token for Coal, DW 150Starting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:04:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96028MB96028 Full set MFGB Early British Trade Union, The Miners’ Federation of Great Britain ABERDARECurrent bid: £100.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:04:30auction industry-token mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96032MB96032 Aberdare District Miners’ Demonstration red plastic star badge token WalesCurrent bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:05:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96033MB96033 BLAINA DISTRICT MINERS ASSOCIATION union token WalesStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:05:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96034MB96034 CAMBRIAN WORK MEN mining union token B shaped WalesStarting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:05:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96035MB96035 BEYNCOCH LODGE NO. 10, MINERS FEDERATION WESTERN DISTRICT union token WalesCurrent bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:05:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96036MB96036 Wales ORGANISE JANUARY 1895 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:05:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96037MB96037 Wales COAL TRIMMERS UNION ALL TOGETHER APRIL 1897 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:06:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96038MB96038 Wales COAL July 1897 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:06:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96039MB96039 Wales FORWARD JANUARY 1898 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:06:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96040MB96040 Wales HAND IN HAND JANUARY 1899 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:06:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96041MB96041 Wales BE TRUE APRIL 1899 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:06:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96042MB96042 Wales COMPENSATION SCHEME OCTOBER 1899 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:06:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96043MB96043 Wales JANUARY 1900 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union token Cox 2452Starting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:07:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96044MB96044 Wales ADVANCE JULY 1900 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:07:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96045MB96045 Wales PROGRESS JANUARY 1901 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:07:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96046MB96046 Wales LOYALTY APRIL 1901 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:07:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96047MB96047 Wales ONWARD JULY 1901 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:07:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96048MB96048 Wales RALLY OCTOBER 1901 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:07:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96049MB96049 Wales JANUARY 1902 Cardiff, Penarth & Barry Coal Trimmers Union token crescent shapedStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:08:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96050MB96050 CANNOCK CHAISE MINERS ASSOCN. APRIL 1911 union token StaffordshireCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:08:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96051MB96051 CANNOCK CHAISE LABOUR & A.F. ASSN union token StaffordshireStarting bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:08:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96052MB96052 (Durham Miners Association), HYLTON D.M.A. BRANCH shield shaped union tokenCurrent bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:08:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96053MB96053 (Durham Miners Association), HYLTON D.M.A. BRANCH diamond shaped union tokenCurrent bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:08:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96054MB96054 DURHAM MINERS ASSOC. MARSDEN LODGE union token Modern reproductionCurrent bid: £2.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:08:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96055MB96055 DURHAM MINERS ASSOCIATION SEAHAM LODGE NO. 74 union tokenStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:09:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96056MB96056 WEARMOUTH D.M.A. BRANCH Durham Miners Association token Modern reproductionCurrent bid: £2.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:09:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96057MB96057 DERBYSHIRE MINERS ASSOCIATION union token clasped handsCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:09:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96058MB96058 DERBYSHIRE & NOTTINGHAMSHIRE MINERS FEDERATION union tokenStarting bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:09:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96059MB96059 LANCASHIRE & CHESHIRE MINERS FEDERATION APRIL union token heart shapedStarting bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:09:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96060MB96060 CROSS HANDS all incuse numbered 1161 colliery token pit check WalesStarting bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:09:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96061MB96061 CROSS HANDS COLLIERY, N.C.B. numbered 741 colliery token pit check WalesStarting bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:10:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96062MB96062 CROSS HANDS COLLIERY, N.C.B. all incuse numbered 686 token pit checkCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:10:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96063MB96063 CROSS HANDS CANTEEN (SOAP) numbered 121 colliery token pit check WalesStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:10:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96064MB96064 CRUMLIN N.C.B. numbered 40 colliery token pit check WalesStarting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:10:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96065MB96065 C.V.C. 503 all incuse Crumlin Valley Colliery token pit check WalesStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:10:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96066MB96066 CVC 226 all incuse Crumlin Valley Colliery token pit check WalesStarting bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:10:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96067MB96067 CWM no.1188 NCB NMP ETW A colliery token lamp check WalesCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:11:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96068MB96068 CWM COLLIERY, N.C.B. NO. 3 AREA numbered 635 token pit check WalesCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:11:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96069MB96069 CWM COLLIERY, N.C.B. numbered 264 token pit check WalesCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:11:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96070MB96070 CWMCARN COLLIERY N.C.B rev. blank numbered 184 token pit check WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:11:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96071MB96071 CWMCARN COLLIERY N.C.B. numbered 471 rev. blank ctm. 471 token pit check WalesStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:11:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96072MB96072 CWM DU rev. 1088 colliery token pit check Wales (St John’s Colliery)Starting bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:11:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96073MB96073 CWM DU rev. 602 colliery token pit check Wales (St John’s Colliery) larger sizeStarting bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:12:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96074MB96074 CWMDU COLLIERY N.N.C. LTD numbered 1 North’s Navigation Collieries mining token WalesStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:12:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96075MB96075 CWMGORSE Wales colliery token pit checkCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:12:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96076MB96076 CWMGORSE. COLLIERY, C.E-N.C.B- numbered 287 mining token pit check WalesCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:12:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96077MB96077 CWMGWILI COLLIERY, N.C.B numbered 136 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:12:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96078MB96078 CWMGWRACH LEVEL, C.&.E. COLLIERIES LTD. mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:12:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96079MB96079 Cwmllynfel COLLIERY, A.A.C LTD. mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:13:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96080MB96080 Cwmllynfell COLLIERY, N.C.B mining token WalesCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:13:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96081MB96081 CWMNEOL COLLIERY, POWELL DUFFRYN STEAM COAL CO. LTD. mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:13:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96082MB96082 CWMNEOL COLLIERY, POWELL DUFFRYN STEAM COAL CO. LTD. rev. Ackroyd & Best token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:13:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96083MB96083 CWMNEOL COLLIERY, POWELL DUFFRYN STEAM COAL CO. LTD. ctm. NCB ABMStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:13:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96084MB96084 (Cwmtillery), S. W. C. CO. LTD. numbered on added lead C 480 mining token WalesStarting bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:13:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96085MB96085 CWMTILLERY COLLIERY numbered 578 Brass mining token WalesCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:14:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96086MB96086 CWMTILLERY N.C.B. SW numbered 863 + CWMTILLERY N.C.B. WALES 2 mining tokensCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:14:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96087MB96087 CYNHEIDRE COLLIERY. N.C.B. WEST WALES AREA numbered 172 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:14:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96088MB96088 CYNHEIDRE COLLIERY. N.C.B. NO. 1 AREA S.W.D. mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:14:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96089MB96089 D.DAVIS & SONS LTD. NO. PIT numbered 2 rev. blank numbered 727 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:14:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96090MB96090 D.DAVIS & SONS LTD. NO. PIT numbered 5 rev. blank numbered 43 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:14:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96091MB96091 D.DAVIS & SONS LTD. NO. PIT numbered 6 rev. blank numbered 95 mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:15:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96092MB96092 D.DAVIS & SONS LTD. NO. PIT numbered 7 rev. blank numbered 1041 mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:15:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96093MB96093 D.DAVIS & SONS LTD. NO. PIT numbered 9 Ferndale Colliery mining token WalesStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:15:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96094MB96094 DARE COLLIERY, NATIONAL COAL BOARD ctm. FS mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:15:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96095MB96095 DARREN COLLIERY. N.C.B. SWD NO. 1 AREA mining token Wales ETW Modern restrikeCurrent bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:15:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96096MB96096 DEEP DUFFRYN numbered 260 mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:15:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks tokens
MB96097MB96097 DEEP DUFFRYN numbered 278 broken flange ACE 12 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:16:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96098MB96098 DEEP DUFFRYN N.C.B. NO.4 AREA numbered 263 mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:16:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96099MB96099 DEEP NAVIGATION COLLIERY numbered 521 rev. Ocean Coal Lamp Check WalesStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:16:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96100MB96100 DEEP NAVIGATION . DEEP NAVIGATION ctm. P.P.M. mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:16:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96101MB96101 DEEP NAVI FITTER incuse rev. Hailwood & Akroyd Ltd. mining token WalesStarting bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:16:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96102MB96102 DEEP NAVIGATION COLLIERY numbered 418 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:16:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96103MB96103 DEEP NAVIGATION COLLIERY numbered 172 mining token WalesStarting bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:17:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96104MB96104 DEEP NAVIGATION COLLIERY N.C.B. AREA NO. 4 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:17:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96105MB96105 DEEP NAVIGATION COLLIERY N.C.B. S.W.D. AREA NO. 4 90 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:17:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96106MB96106 DILLWYN, N.C.B. rev. ctm. NCB SW DIV AREA 9 mining token WalesCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:17:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96107MB96107 DILLWYN, N.C.B. all incuse numbered on back, mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:17:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96108MB96108 DUFFRYN RHONDDA COLLIERIES, I.N.C.CO. LTD. NO. numbered 561 mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:17:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96109MB96109 DUFFRYN RHONDDA COLLIERIES, ID.R.(1929) LTD. NO. numbered on added lead 725 WalesStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:18:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96110MB96110 DUFFRYN RHONDDA COLLIERY, N.C.B. numbered 49 mining token WalesStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:18:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96111MB96111 DUFFRYN RHONDDA COLLIERY, N.C.B. numbered 581 mining token WalesStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:18:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96112MB96112 EASTERN COLLIERY numbered 570 rev. Ocean Coal Company Limited Wales tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:18:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96113MB96113 EAST PIT rev. Amalgamated Anthracite Collieries Ld numbered 19 Wales miningStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:18:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96114MB96114 EAST PIT N.C.B. numbered 147/3 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:18:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96115MB96115 ELLIOT COLLIERY N.C.B. NO.5 AREA numbered 28 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:19:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96116MB96116 ELLIOT CANTEEN rev. Valued 1/6 Wales mining token AluminiumStarting bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:19:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96117MB96117 ELLIOT CANTEEN rev. blank Red plastic mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:19:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96118MB96118 ELY COLLIERY, NAVAL COLLIERY CO. 1897 LTD. PENYGRAIG rev. Safety Lamp check WalesStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:19:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96119MB96119 EMLYN COLLIERY MO. 1 NO. numbered 351 E mining token WalesStarting bid: £30.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:19:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96120MB96120 FELINFRAN, N.C.B. rev. 128 all incuse mining token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:19:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96121MB96121 FERNHILL COLLIERIES LIMITED star stops, numbered 447 over 46 mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:20:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96122MB96122 FERNHILL COLLIERIES LIMITED star stops, numbered 202 SCH mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:20:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96123MB96123 FERNHILL COLLIERIES LIMITED rosette stops, numbered 469 mining token WalesStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:20:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96124MB96124 FERNHILL COLLIERIES LTD. TREHERBERT numbers obliterated ctm. U rev. Safety Lamp WalesStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:20:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96125MB96125 FERNHILL COLLIERY N.C.B. NO.5 AREA numbered 936 some added lead Wales tokenCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:20:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96126MB96126 FERNHILL COLLIERY N.C.B. NO.5 AREA numbered 777 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:20:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96127MB96127 FFALDAU COLLIERY N.C.B numbered 174 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:21:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96128MB96128 FFALDAU COLLIERY N.C.B. numbered 183 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:21:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96129MB96129 FFALDAU COLLIERY N.C.B. AREA 2 numbered 93S Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:21:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96130MB96130 FFORCHAMAN COLLIERY, POWELL DUFFRYN STEAM COAL CO. LD. incuse Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £12.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:21:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96131MB96131 FFORCHAMAN COLLIERY, N.C.B. AREA NO4 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:21:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96132MB96132 FIREWOOD D.D.& S. LD. NO. PIT numbered 2 rev. blank numbered 109 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:21:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96133MB96133 FIREWOOD D.D.& S. LD. NO. PIT numbered 5 rev. blank numbered 235 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:22:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96134MB96134 FIREWOOD D.D.& S. LD. NO. PIT numbered 6 rev. blank numbered 186 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:22:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96135MB96135 FIREWOOD D.D.& S. LD. NO. PIT numbered 7 rev. blank numbered 0262 964 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:22:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96136MB96136 FIREWOOD D.D.& S. LD. NO. PIT numbered 8 rev. blank numbered 917 added lead Wales tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:22:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96137MB96137 FIREWOOD D.D.& S. LD. NO. PIT numbered 9 rev. blank numbered 022 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:22:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96138MB96138 GARN GOC rev. Glasbrook Brothers. Ltd. numbered 6 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:22:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96139MB96139 GARN GOCH N— rev. Glasbrook Brothers. Ltd. numbered 48 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:23:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96140MB96140 GARN GOCH COLLIERIES numbered 449/7 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:23:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96141MB96141 GARNGOCH 1, r N.C.B. rev. blank numbered 507 Iron Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:23:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96142MB96142 GARN GOCH MO 3, N.C.B. SOUTH WESTERN AREA NO.1 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:23:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96143MB96143 GARTH COLLIERY CELTIC COLLIERIES LTD. NO. numbered 339 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:23:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96144MB96144 GARTH MERTHYR COLLIERY N.C.B. numbered 37 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:23:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96145MB96145 GARW PITS numbered 747 rev. Ocean Coal Company Limited Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:24:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96146MB96146 GARW PITS, N.C.B. numbered 464 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:24:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96147MB96147 GARW COLLIERY N.C.B. AREA 2 numbered 234 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:24:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96148MB96148 GARW / FFLADAU COLLIERY numbered 662 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:24:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96149MB96149 GARW / FFLADAU COLLIERY numbered 66 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:24:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96150MB96150 GARW / FFLADAU COLLIERY N.C.B. numbered 343 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £4.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:24:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96151MB96151 GELLI NO 2 PIT all incuse numbered 478 on added lead Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:25:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96152MB96152 GELLI COLLIERY N.C.B. /S.W. AREA NO.3 no.17 over 22 rev. ctm. 191 Wales tokenStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:25:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96153MB96153 GELLYCEIDRIM COLLIERY SAFETY LAMP numbered 564 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £12.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:25:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96154MB96154 G.K.N. (with serifs) numbered 415/2 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:25:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96155MB96155 G.K.N. (no serifs) numbered 331 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:25:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96156MB96156 G.K.N. B numbered 455 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:25:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96157MB96157 G.K.N.(with serifs) ctm. BS numbered 80 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:26:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96158MB96158 G.K.N. (no serifs) ctm. V VV number obliterated Wales mining token Viaduct?Starting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:26:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96159MB96159 GKN V incuse rev. numbered 241 (Viaduct Level) Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:26:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96160MB96160 GLAMORGAN COAL CO. LTD. Wales mining token (Llwynypia Colliery - pre 1908)Starting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:26:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96161MB96161 GLANAMMAN ANTH: COLLIERY numbered 50 /1 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:26:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96162MB96162 GLENGARW COLLIERY N.C.B. AREA 2 numbered 26 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:26:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96163MB96163 GLENRHONDDA COLLIERY AREA NO. 3 , N.C.B. numbered 58 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:27:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96164MB96164 GLYNCASTLE COLLIERY N.C.B. NO. numbered 256 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:27:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96165MB96165 GLYNCORRWG PIT numbered 55 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:27:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96166MB96166 GLYNCORRWG PIT numbered 704 AAC SOAP Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:27:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96167MB96167 GLYNCORRWG COLLIERY N.C.B. AREA 2 numbered 277 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £7.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:27:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96168MB96168 GLYNCORRWG COLLIERY N.C.B. numbered 442 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £7.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:27:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96169MB96169 GLYNHEBOG U.A.C.LD. numbered 548 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:28:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96170MB96170 GLYNHEBOG A.A.C.LTD. numbered 148 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:28:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96171MB96171 GLYNTILLERY COLLIERY numbered 341 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:28:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96172MB96172 GRAIG FAWR N.C.B. numbered 340 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:28:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96173MB96173 GRAIG MERTHYR COLLIERY N.C.B. S.W.D.NO.1 AREA numbered 78 named Wales miningtokenCurrent bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:28:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96174MB96174 GRAIG MERTHYR N.C.B NO.1 AREA. S.W.DIV. numbered 48 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:28:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96175MB96175 GRAIG MERTHYR, N.C.B.all incuse numbered 342 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:29:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96176MB96176 GRESFORD numbered 712 Zinc mining colliery token WalesStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:29:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96177MB96177 GRESFORD N.C.B. numbered 1126 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:29:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96178MB96178 GRESFORD COLLIERY incuse N.C.B. numbered 751 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:29:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96179MB96179 GRESFORD COLLIERY PIT HEAD BATHS rev. 6D Wales token Cox 143Starting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:29:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96180MB96180 GRESFORD COLLIERY PIT HEAD BATHS rev. 2D Wales token Cox 147Starting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:29:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96181MB96181 GRIFFIN PIT, No 2 (incuse) DAY MAN, JOHN LANCASTER & CO. LIMITED Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £40.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:30:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96182MB96182 GRIFFIN PIT, NO 3 (incuse) DAY MAN, JOHN LANCASTER & CO. LIMITED Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £40.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:30:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96183MB96183 GROESFAEN COLLIERY, N.C.B. NO. 5 AREA numbered 1470 over 1003 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:30:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96184MB96184 G S U incuse CORY BROS CO LTD. Wales mining token Gelli Steamcoal CollieryStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:30:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96185MB96185 HAFOD COLLIERY RUABON numbered 158 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:30:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96186MB96186 HAFOD COLLIERY RUABON numbered 1627 Joe Roberts Swan Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £25.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:30:50auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96187MB96187 HAFOD COLLIERY numbered 612 Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:31:00auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96188MB96188 HAFOD NO 1 incuse LEWIS MERTHYR COLLIERIES Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £20.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:31:10auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96189MB96189 Hafodyrynys, N.C.B. numbered 901 Wales mining tokenCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:31:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96190MB96190 HARRIS NAVIGATION TREHARRIS DN all incuse Wales mining tokenStarting bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:31:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96191MB96191 pub check Abingdon, Nags Head, R. Cornish Oxford 2D & 3D 2 piecesCurrent bid: £13.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:31:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96192MB96192 pub check Alvechurch, Hopwood Wharf Inn, T. Merry rev. 3D BirminghamStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:31:50auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96193MB96193 pub check Armley, White Horse rev. 2D LeedsStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:32:00auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96194MB96194 pub check Ashton, Manchester Road, snipe flying rev. Snipe Gardens, T. ScholfieldCurrent bid: £21.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:32:10auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96195MB96195 pub check Aston, Royal Exchange Litchfield Road D. Cornish rev. 1 1/2D BirminghamStarting bid: £7.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:32:20auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96196MB96196 pub check Barnstaple, Royal Exchange A. Clive rev. 1 1/2 DevonCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:32:30auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96197MB96197 pub check Bath, Bear Inn ctm. 1 1/2 rev. W.E. Davis SomersetCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:32:40auction mining-tokens-pit-colliery-checks mining-tokens-pit-checks tokens
MB96198MB96198 pub check Bath, The Bladud’s Head Brewery I. Carpenter 3DCurrent bid: £12.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:32:50auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96199MB96199 pub check (Bath), W. Mallett Borough Walls man’s face on moonCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:33:00auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96200MB96200 pub check Bath, Theatre Tavern royal arms rev. H Sheppard Bowling SaloonCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:33:10auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96201MB96201 pub check Bathampton, George Inn , SomersetCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:33:20auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96202MB96202 pub check Swan Hotel, Litchfield, George Hotel rev. Birmingham & Litchfield Turriff OmnibusStarting bid: £5.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:33:30auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96203MB96203 pub check Birmingham, Rodney Inn 3D maker Pope rev. Concert Hall Coleshill St. view of organStarting bid: £7.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:33:40auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96204MB96204 pub check Birmingham, Rodney Inn 3D maker Cottrill rev. Concert Hall Coleshill St interior view of theatreStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:33:50auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96205MB96205 pub check (Birmingham), Burbury Arms, Burbury St. C. R. Cooper rev. Wines Spirits & Cigars 2 1/2DStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:34:00auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96206MB96206 pub check (Birmingham), Hope & Anchor, Navigation St. R. Edmonds 2 1/2DStarting bid: £6.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:34:10auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96207MB96207 pub check (Birmingham token), Old Tree Inn, Tookey’s tree ctm. heartCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:34:20auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96208MB96208 pub check (Birmingham), Roe Buck, Aston Road, Wm. Eggison 2 1/2DCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:34:30auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96209MB96209 pub check (Birmingham), Sir Robert Peel, Peel St., H. Onions rev. 3DCurrent bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:34:40auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96210MB96210 pub check (Birmingham), Star Inn, Aston Road, J. Francis 2D rev. 2DStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:34:50auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96211MB96211 pub check (Birmingham), White Swan, Grosvenor St. West, William Rushton rev. 3Current bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:35:00auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96212MB96212 pub check (Birmingham), White Swan Inn Moseley St. J. Glover rev. 2 1/2Current bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:35:10auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96213MB96213 pub check Birmingham, New Vauxhall Gardens… F H Bradshaw Royal Victoria GardensCurrent bid: £16.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:35:20auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96214MB96214 pub check Booth Red Lion rev. 1 1/2D Gornal Wood StaffordshireCurrent bid: £7.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:35:30auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96215MB96215 pub check Boston, Red (lion) Hotel Thomas Minton rev. 1 ½ Lincs.Current bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:35:40auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96216MB96216 pub check Bournemouth, Hotel Metropole rev. 3D HampshireCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:35:50auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96217MB96217 pub check Castle Cary, George Hotel, St. George & dragon rev. F.W. Harrold 1850 1 1/2D SomersetStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:36:00auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96218MB96218 pub check (Cheltenham), Prince of Wales, A.G. Titley feathers rev. 3DStarting bid: £8.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:36:10auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96219MB96219 pub check Cheltenham, Prince of Wales, 1911 rev. 3DStarting bid: £7.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:36:20auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens
MB96220MB96220 pub check Chester, Railway Inn, R Davies ctm. B rev. 2DCurrent bid: £16.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:36:30auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96221MB96221 pub check Clyst St. Mary, Maltsters Arms I.T. rev. 6 DevonCurrent bid: £15.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:36:40auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96222MB96222 pub check Combe Florey, Farmer's Arms rev. 3D SomersetStarting bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:36:50auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token pub-checks tokens
MB96223MB96223 pub check Crewkerne, George Hotel rev. 2D SomersetCurrent bid: £10.002020-11-17 12:00:002020-12-15 12:37:00auction pub-tavern-inn-check-token tokens